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Our obsession with B2C and B2B Launch PR® began in 2001. In partnership with Boston University, Schneider Associates conducted the first ever study to examine how marketers launch new products. The result? The groundbreaking book, New Product Launch: 10 Proven Strategies. Based on the data and insights from SA’s  annual Most Memorable New Product Launch survey, SA authored a second book, The NEW Launch Plan. Through our Launch research, writing and campaign execution, SA has established the discipline of Launch Public Relations®, our proprietary, multi-disciplinary process that successfully propels new products, services, organizations, corporations, institutions and communities into the marketplace, accelerates their growth beyond the introductory period and reinvigorates interest when customer attention wanes.

Launch Continuum™ – Always Launching New Ideas

Many consider a “Launch” as the time when a product first enters the market and becomes widely available to customers. We view Launch as a methodology and approach to conducting business. While establishing new product awareness is the first vital step in brand building, we believe accelerating interest over time is of equal if not more importance to long-term product launch success.


Based on our research and practice, we have developed the Launch Continuum™ – the way we look at positioning, launching, and promoting a product throughout its life cycle. The goal is to generate visibility and drive sales over time – from product LAUNCH and market entry, to integrated marketing efforts that ACCELERATE awareness, to the creative INVIGORATION of customer and media interest, and finally to the RELAUNCH process.

Concurrently, the Relaunch phase is the when we look to begin the planning process to launch a reformulated or entirely new product, service or program to successfully restart the new product cycle again. Based on our Launch research, two books and numerous launch campaigns, we craft detailed launch plans that blend art and science, media trends and tactics, to produce synergistic and measureable campaigns.

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Launch PR in Practice

Our strengths in Launch PR® and integrated media are the hallmarks of our agency, and are what differentiate us from other PR and marketing communications companies. We view Launch as applicable to a wide array of clients and industries – whether you’re launching a new product, service, company, technology, organization, institution or community – and we apply the lessons we’ve learned from marketing new products to all our practice areas.

Our public affairs launch process, Community Launch™ has delivered more than 30 million square feet of mixed-use space in real estate development project approvals, and proven that the strategic use of integrated marketing can start a buzz about a new commercial, industrial or residential development and land use that helps educate the public and key stakeholders.


Survey with Babson University
Schneider Associates has greatly advanced the quality and quantity of information available on how to conduct successful product launches. Our B2B Survey conducted in conjunction with Babson’s Center for Business Innovation and alumni product managers, identified insights on how to effectively launch B2B products and services.

B2B Launch
One of the things we learned was that with the proliferation of online media, the marketing mindset has shifted and customer behavior is changing. It doesn’t matter if you are selling a B2C (Business-to-Consumer) product or a B2B (Business-to-Business) product, at the end of the day everyone is a potential customer (Business-to-Everyone) – or a referral source to someone who could be a customer.  Whether they are googling products and pricing—customers are behaving just like consumers.  They conduct a majority of their research online and seek multiple sources before making a decision. They ask colleagues for recommendations and look at LinkedIn to seek expert advice. While more decision makers are involved in making a B2B purchase, the idea that selling a B2B product is totally different from selling a consumer product is changing.  Smart companies are using all the current marketing tools to educate and motivate customers to try and buy their products.

Integrated Media

PESO–the intersection of paid, earned, shared and owned media is where consumers are making important decisions about your company, brand, organization, institution, services and programs. Our annual survey on consumer media behavior reports that the more sources of information used, the greater the likelihood that consumerswill remember a new product launch. That’s why it is critical to surround your target consumer with messages about your brand in a variety of channels.

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