Social Media Marketing and Community Management

The world today is social and mobile. Communication between people and brands happens at the speed of light. Often there’s not enough internal bandwidth to develop, execute and monitor social media campaigns so clients look to SA to manage this process.

WarmSmiles_Concept1_TwitterParty_v3SA develops social media strategies that align with client business objectives. We create content, engage with consumers and monitor and manage communities 24/7/365. We’ve worked with start-ups, non-profit organizations, major consumer brands and retailers, universities and colleges and corporations to be an online extension of their in-house teams. As community managers, we provide responsive customer service and personalized communications, all based on comprehensive messaging that seamlessly represents the brand.

The bedrock of this work is data analytics – because data depicts customer journeys and enables us to quickly change content and engagement strategies to effectively motivate consumers to act.

We engage with client audiences organically, whether the conversation is positive, neutral or negative. SA’s dedicated social teams manage client channels every day, all day, using social media management and measurement platforms.

Our creative content is credited with successful campaigns across multiple industries. We track success and align our metrics with business objectives including: key message delivery, enrollment, product sales, website traffic, online community growth, engagement quality and more.

video-calloutAsk us how we can execute your social media program and act as a trusted member of your community management team.

Our digital marketing and community management services include:

  • Strategy Development and Execution
  • Community Management
  • Creative Asset Development
  • Paid Social Media
  • Social Media Lead Generation
  • Crisis Planning and Execution
  • Listening and Monitoring
  • Online Thought Leadership Strategy Development, Execution and Training for Executives
  • Social Media Management System Evaluation and Implementation
  • Training for Sales and Marketing Teams
  • Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Reporting with Actionable Insights

We also practice what we preach, so be sure to follow SA on Twitter, like us on Facebook, check us out on LinkedIn, Instagram or YouTube.