Public Affairs & Government Relations

Schneider Associates: We launch your project or issue to those that impact your success—whether it’s local officials, state and federal agencies, the local community or special interest groups.

Schneider Associates can help you communicate with and influence those that matter to your success. In today’s media landscape, having a crisp message that resonates with government officials, key influencers, and the public is more important, and more challenging, than ever before: Facebook posts ignite revolutions, tweets alter the political power structure, and national campaigns target voters—one IP address at a time.

At SA, we define public affairs as anything that impacts public opinion and drives behavior. That covers a lot of territory, and so do we. Through our team’s expertise and select strategic partnerships , our government relations reach extends from Beacon Hill to Capitol Hill. When you need to access and influence decision makers, SA’s public affairs strategists will employ our political network, community ties, and media savvy to drive your issue in a way that matters to your target audience and ensures that your message breaks through.

Locally, our team has successfully led countless economic development projects in communities across New England. And since public opinion often determines whether an initiative succeeds, our public affairs professionals have developed a trademarked “Community Launch” method that uses a sophisticated voter database and micro-targeting data to create grassroots movements on and offline, resulting in a nearly perfect record at Town Meeting. Our digital PR and influence strategists provide innovative ideas that move the needle on your behalf and turn out voters for you.

Whether you’re facing a media crisis, seeking public support for a controversial project or issue, presenting your case to government officials, or positioning your business as a good corporate citizen, SA can help you succeed.

We’re always launching new ideas. Contact us to find out how we can help launch yours.

  • Schneider Associates is certified by SOMWBA as a woman-owned business.



Our professionals have diverse skill sets and educational backgrounds, as well as expertise in a variety of public affairs disciplines. With our integrated approach and strategic perspective, we can help you reach your goals.

  • Launch PR Strategies for Public Affairs Programs
  • Digital PR and Influence Campaigns for Public Affairs
  • Reputation Management
  • Grassroots Mobilization
  • Social Marketing Strategy and Execution
  • Alliance Development
  • Issues Management
  • Crisis Communications and Management
  • Community Relations
  • Surveys and Polling
  • Data Collection and Management
  • Media Relations
  • Federal and State lobbying
  • Media Training
  • Government Relations
  • Coalition Building
  • Project Brand Development
  • Project Marketing & Education Collateral