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Knowing how prospective students will respond to specific types of outreach is what sets Schneider Associates apart from other education marketing firms. We focus on lead generation and student recruitment to address your enrollment marketing challenges.

Whether we are launching a new degree program or reversing negative enrollment trends, we develop and implement relevant messaging and enrollment marketing campaigns that resonate with specific audiences. Instead of just blending into the deafening noise that is higher education marketing, we know how to attract specific students to programs that suit them best.

Schneider Associates CEO Joan Schneider summarized our research about “How to Market to the iGeneration” in Harvard Business Review: “To reach iGens, we need to be transparent, personal, and overly social.”

SA is on the cutting edge of enrollment marketing and we’ve perfected how to effectively reach students (and their families) without making them feel like they’re being sold.

We know some millennials automatically delete emails, so we target them on social media. Or text them. Or send them a handwritten postcard with their name on it. Sometimes we even call them on the phone because we know which students will take our call.

SA provides creative, practical, and measurable ways to increase applications, impact yield, and mitigate “melt.”

Although we often start our assignments with enrollment marketing, it’s not uncommon for our clients to expand our scope of work to include media relations (crisis communications are a specialty), thought leadership for faculty members, and content campaigns to enhance brand awareness and reputation.

Contact us to schedule a free “get acquainted” call to find out how we can help your institution attract more students and create campaigns that resonate in today’s competitive climate.

While our firm has broad expertise in higher education marketing and public relations, we have had particular success with clients in the following areas:

Applicant Lead Generation

Our proven methodologies for discovery, persona development, creative campaign segmentation, media channel selection and planning, and nurturing content distribution have helped numerous institutions hit the desired numbers for leads, applications and enrollment.

New Program Launch

We wrote the book on Launch Public Relations- two actually! We know how to set your newest academic program offering up for success through paid, earned, shared and owned media. We craft a cohesive integrated campaign with the right channel mix to reach potential students and generate awareness.

Faculty Thought Leadership

In this world of digital and social media, traditional media still has a very important place at the table when it comes to showcasing your faculty. To accomplish this, you’ll need foresight and aggressiveness too. As colleges and universities vie for attention in an increasingly crowded field, faculty accomplishments and expertise can be the differentiator when it comes to rankings, admissions, faculty and staff recruitment, and overall perception.

Other Higher Education Marketing & PR Services:

Public Relations
With our integrated approach and strategic perspective, we can help clients build awareness, drive traffic and convert customers.
Social & Digital
We develop social media and community management strategies that align with your business objectives to skillfully and creatively engage your audience.
Our branding process begins with a deep dive into who you are as an organization, the relationships you hold and where you want to go in the future.
Crisis Communications
We help companies, institutions, communities and individuals navigate and mitigate sensitive reputation management issues.
Integrated Marketing
With our integrated approach and strategic perspective, we help clients build awareness, drive traffic and convert customers.
Lead Generation
Our proven multichannel lead generation methodologies have helped numerous organizations hit their benchmarks for leads, engagement and customer conversion.
Creative, Content & Design
SA has a long tradition of producing creative campaigns that enhance and amplify your brand position and messaging.
Video Production
We blend a journalistic approach with creative storytelling techniques to deliver high quality video for everything from social media to news broadcasts.

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