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What are you doing to close the deal with customers?

At SA, we apply lead generation and lead nurturing strategies that help convert a higher percentage of lookers into buyers and shorten the sales cycle. That means repeat traffic, more revenue and better ROI. How do we do it? We create content and conversion points that keep your brand in front of customers as they consider buying products like yours.

Shopping behavior can be unpredictable. People are choosy. When buying new products or services, consumers access six or more sources of information-reviews, product information, blog posts, videos, ad content, social posts. We know because we ask them each year in our national consumer study. Get the MMNPL study ebook here!

The question is - are you doing enough to pull consumers through to the shopping cart once they make that all important first touchpoint with your brand?

Let's talk, so we can amp up your marketing and sales performance.

Our Expertise

Positioning Brands for Category Leadership

Welcome to the new media paradigm. The twenty-four hour news cycle is a thing of the past, tweeting is the new pitching and video on YouTube is replacing traditional television.  The constant evolution of the media and social landscape means a daily battle for brands to break through the clutter and capture the attention of audiences. So how will you drive your brand to the top of the media and consumer must-have list? At SA, we help brands stand out through a creative, 360-degree storytelling approach.

Our diverse team—including media strategists, former print and broadcast reporters, bloggers and content marketing specialists, digital marketing geeks and bloggers, celebrity relationship managers, event planners, and non-profit directors—applies our Launch Public Relations® expertise to make products, services and organizations stand out from the crowd. Our team creates programs to raise awareness of new product introductions, keep you in the news year-round, tap into trends, amplify social sharing, create events within events and make company milestones relevant and newsworthy. We begin by listening to what our clients have to say and ingraining ourselves in their businesses, allowing us to advocate on their behalf and achieve the goals we work together to develop.

We have experience creating and executing traditional PR and integrated marketing programs for hundreds of clients, from consumer packaged goods brands to top non-profit organizations, educational institutions,  product and service companies in the K-12 and college space, and regional healthcare and senior services. Consumer brand strategies from SA don’t just meet communications goals—they help our clients achieve their business objectives. Our unparalleled media backgrounds and relationships enable us to secure stories spanning TODAY, USA Today, E! News, FOX News Channel, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times not to mention the Associated Press, Real Simple, Family Circle, DIY Magazine and Parents.

We are bona fide rock stars at creating the exposure that leads to awareness, accelerates growth, improves search engine optimization and positions your product or brand for success. We’re always launching new ideas.

Consumer Retail

We have a unique understanding of the retail channels in which our clients operate, and an even better take on the media covering their different specialty areas. How do you make kids think brushing their teeth is fun or promote a new allergy free frozen treat to the 33 million households with concerns over allergens?  Call the Consumer Group at Schneider Associates.

Home Products

When it comes to promoting products that improve the aesthetics, value or functionality of a home, we’re pretty handy. From pest control to steam cleaning your home, we know where to find the right editors, bloggers and producers to tell your story. And we also create news on the industrial and commercial side as well.

Special Events & Attractions

The Consumer Group knows how to capture the attention of your audience whether they are your members, residents, customers or stakeholders. We know how to execute creative and unique events to launch brands, attractions, products, services, products and retail and automotive locations that generate brand awareness, affinity and consideration.


We have the insider knowledge about what resonates with media and consumers when it comes to telling healthcare stories. We know how to highlight our clients as thought leaders and expert resources within their industries and optimize media coverage to tell their brand and human interest stories effectively and memorably.

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