Real Estate

Whether you need to secure permitting in a city or town, or are planning a new mixed use development, Schneider Associates can help you develop the right community relations, media and marketing campaign to effectively reach, educate and attract the audiences that are critical for success. For more than three decades, Schneider Associates has worked with national and regional real estate clients to develop strategic permitting, community relations, marketing and traditional and social media campaigns that positively impact communities. We win approvals, attract tenants, bring shoppers and revenue to cities and towns in Massachusetts and throughout New England—and do so in a way that we are welcomed back to those communities again and again.

Our team has successfully launched countless commercial and residential real estate developments, and helped secure permitting for more than 30 million sf of new mixed use space in communities across the region. Using SA’s proprietary Community Launch Process, we educate citizens and public officials, activate advocates in grassroots movements on and offline, and leverage a storytelling approach in media that has resulted in a near perfect record at Town Meetings for gaining permitting, zoning and project approval.

Once a property is ready to be marketed, our integrated media team develops creative branding, marketing and digital campaigns that make your project stand out and attract interest. From digital advertising, social media and billboards to direct mail and experiential marketing—SA has the expertise and experience to launch your real estate project in a memorable way.


We’re always launching new ideas. Contact us to find out how we can help launch yours.

  • Schneider Associates is certified by SOMWBA as a woman-owned business.