Friday, April 17th 2015

Harvard Business Review: 10 Tactics for Launching a Product Using Social Media

How can brands be creative and nimble when using social media during a new product launch? Joan Schneider, CEO of Schneider Associates, provided Harvard Business Review readers with “10 Tactics for Launching a Product Using Social Media.” To find out which 10 tips made the list, read the HBR article, here.

Over the past decade, the way new products are launched has changed drastically. Schneider Associates, an expert agency in launching products, services, organizations and institutions, has witnessed this shift in the launch landscape firsthand, from the days of an embargoed launch date to the highly integrated launches we see today.

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Thursday, April 16th 2015

The Young SA Women in Digital Talk Marketing, Social Media and More


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As young communication professionals, I can’t stress how important it is to get out of the office, network with others, absorb new ideas – and of course, communicate. At Schneider Associates (SA), we try to attend networking events at least once a month and make an outing of it. The women of SA recently attended the Young Women in Digital (YWD) “Case Studies for Success” event at Fiksu, a mobile marketing company in Boston, and heard from three young industry thought leaders about their work in digital.

Presenters included Maggie Hibma, product marketer at HubSpot, Lindsay Sutton, VP/Account Director at Digitas, and Kyla Jacobs, Senior Product Manager at Fiksu. Aside from the rock star case studies including product launches for INBOUND 2014, PUMA’s reactive social media community management, and marketing for a mobile athletic app, perhaps the most enlightening aspect of the event was that presenters were relatable. It’s inspiring to hear what other young women in our field are working on and accomplishing  at their jobs, and have the chance to share what we do as well.

Here are three takeaways from the speakers at the YWD event:

1. Have a Directly Responsible Individual (DRI) for projects.

With so much activity going on at an agency, company or organization, it’s easy for there to be “too many cooks in the kitchen.” Maggie Hibma shared how HubSpot uses a DRI to act as the point-person on a project. While teams are essential, a leadership role on each account or project is necessary – someone who can manage the time and action plan, see deliverables through and answer questions.

2. Be reactive on social media.

Driving social media engagement for clients and companies is more than simply producing content – how do you respond to trending topics and use them to your advantage? Lindsay Sutton of Digitas shared how her client, PUMA, latched onto the famous Chiellini World Cup bite and used a bit of humor on social media to create buzz around the players’ PUMA jerseys. The message to the audience was to think of reactive social media the same way you’d think of reactive media pitching in PR – what’s going on at a particular moment in time that your client can get in on the conversation?

3. Sometimes you have to prove that a client’s strategy isn’t working.

We are our clients’ number one fans, but sometimes we have to give them a bit of tough love. Kyla Jacobs of Fiksu shared how her client, an athletic mobile app, could have been seeing more results – and essentially making more money – if they changed their strategy. It took some time and convincing, but eventually the client took Fiksu’s advice and profit grew exponentially. While it’s important to listen to what the client wants, as their consultant, it’s also important to offer a fresh insight into existing strategies and business goals if it means helping them achieve and surpass their marketing and sales goals.

Along with the above insights, a personal takeaway from the YWD event is to just get out there. It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day tasks, but networking and hearing what others in your industry are doing will provide fresh ideas, challenge your thinking and help take your work to the next level.

Nicole LeLacheur
Account Executive, Integrated Media

Wednesday, April 15th 2015

Neutrogena Goes Digital for a Memorable Social Product Launch Campaign


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In honor of Earth Month, Johnson & Johnson’s beauty brand Neutrogena partnered with the The Nature Conservancy to launch an all-digital marketing campaign on April  2 to promote the new Neutrogena Naturals line and eco-friendly makeup wipes.Celebrity spokesperson Kristen Bell kicked off the campaign with a video tweet, challenging her 1.75 million twitter followers to join the #WipeforWater movement, encouraging them to conserve water by cleansing with the eco-friendly face wipes instead.

Neutrogena’s move from traditional advertising to a digital approach reflects a trend in millennial and iGen (those born in 1994 and on) marketing, and the #WipeforWater campaign demonstrates Neutrogena’s plan to have its advertising resonate more effectively with young consumers. According to Schneider Associates’ (SA) 2014 MMNPL survey data, brands can reach younger generations by building trustworthy, engaging relationships with them on social media. We found three reasons why Neutrogena’s latest campaign has the potential to make a lasting impression with younger generations:

1.) iGens and millennials are more likely to remember new product launches than older generations.

According to SA’s 2014 MMNPL survey, age is a significant determinant of new product recall. The younger a consumer is, the more likely they are to recall new product launches. The iGeneration (survey respondents ages 18-21) have a recall rate of 56 percent. Neutrogena’s campaign is built around consumer engagement using the hashtag #WipeforWater. The brand will also run paid media on Twitter, YouTube and the video advertiser, YuMe.

SA’s findings also show that connecting with young consumers through their technology is imperative for brands. In 2014, 72 percent of millennials used their smartphones to research new products online, according to SA’s MMNPL survey.

2.) YouTube reaches younger consumers most.

We learned through our MMNPL survey that last year, 49 percent of the iGeneration and 34 percent of millennials used YouTube to learn about new products. The ‘haul video’ phenomenon, which features consumers showing and sharing opinions of their most recent purchases, allows marketers to gain insight via consumer feedback. Also, since haulers and bloggers possess online credibility, these objective  reviewers provide valuable promotion for campaigns.

Perhaps this is why Neutrogena will be teaming up with one of women’s most-followed digital influencers, beauty vlogger Dulce Candy (whose reach extends to 4 million followers across her social networks) and bloggers El Diario de la Mode and Honestly Jamie.  These influencers will fuel the #WipeforWater campaign by using Neutrogena’s wipes for seven days in an attempt to save about 35 gallons of water per person, all while documenting the challenge on social media. This could be a major opportunity for Neutrogena to organically connect with its target market. SA’s survey found that 53 percent of those who use YouTube state the videos influenced their purchasing decision, as did 58 percent of those who follow video blogs or blogs.

3.) Millennials are more health-conscious than any other generation.

According to our 2014 MMNPL survey, millennials want to take care of themselves – and they also care about the environment. Adweek wrote that millennials are one of the most highly educated demographics when it comes to understanding the importance of environmental conditions, and according the 2014 Social Media Sustainability Index, brands that engage in sustainability communication can win over social media-savvy millennials with narratives about products and services that reflect sustainability.

According to Neutrogena, washing with soap and water wastes five gallons of water a day, and for every person who pledges to participate in the #WipeforWater campaign, Neutrogena will donate $1 to the Nature Conservatory – up to $50,000. Neutrogena Natural’s brand manager Simon Geraghty, believes the campaign “gets the conversation started about water footprints and how we think we may not be wasting water,” and that “it’s not always about putting the products front and center…it’s more about connecting with lifestyles.”  According to spokesperson Kristen Bell, the campaign is “a great way to educate people that water is not an endless resource.”


Do you think Neutrogena’s eco-conscious digital media campaign will impress young social media users and consumers? Or should the beauty brand stick to reliable traditional advertising methods? Here’s one way to know for sure: We’ll be looking to see if this product launch makes our 2015 Most Memorable New Product Launch survey.


Alexandra Powell
Marketing Intern


Friday, April 10th 2015

Take Time for Culture

It’s so easy to go on a business trip, rush to your meeting and dash back to the airport or train. Why not consider stopping for an infusion of culture? I can assure you in most cities, there’s a local tourist attraction that will enhance your mind—and spur creativity. A colleague and I were in NYC last week to attend a meeting in the Garment District. I read about an exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Technology (3 blocks from our meeting) that had two amazing exhibits, one called “Faking It,” which talked about the huge global counterfeit market for luxury brands, and the other called “Lauren Bacall: The Look,” featuring 12 garments from a collection of 700 that Bacall gifted to FIT. We stopped in, perused the fashions, photos and movies for an hour—and then dashed off to the train. Not only was our meeting a success, the entire experience left us feeling richer.


How many times to you go on a car trip to another city, visit the relatives and then get back in the car and go home?  Recently I visited my cousins in Ft. Meyers and decided not to leave the area until I found something interesting to do. Who knew Thomas Edison’s summer home was a huge Sunshine state tourist attraction? That’s what happens when you read the brochures in the local motel. My mom and I spent an hour in Edison’s Laboratory, which was incredibly fascinating. We also learned in addition to inventing the phonograph and the light bulb, he also developed a stock ticker and the motion picture camera. It seems fitting that one of his well-known quotes is, “There is no substitute for hard work.”We all know the phrase, “Stop and smell the roses.” I suggest all of us stop and see a local art or science exhibit. I can assure you not only will you expand your mind, you’ll enjoy the places you visit far more.

Joan Schneider

Wednesday, April 1st 2015

Schneider Associates Promotes Ariel Ferrante to Account Executive, Integrated Design


Schneider Associates (SA) is pleased to announce the promotion of Ariel Ferrante to Account Executive, Integrated Design.

In her new role, Ariel will be responsible for the integrity and translation of brand standards for clients and the agency into compelling graphic design, and also supporting the execution of agency marketing strategy. Ariel will support creative development for a wide variety of clients across the agency including Northeastern University’s Corporate Education program, Sunstar GUM, Weston Associates and Atlantic Management.

A native of Lynbrook, NY, Ariel attended Boston University, where she graduated with a degree in Advertising and a minor in Italian Language. Prior to joining SA as an integrated marketing and digital design associate, Ferrante worked with Publicis and Bayard Advertising.

Monday, March 30th 2015

Dear Marketers, Advertisers and PR Pros: Integrate or Die

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What are marketers, advertisers and PR pros abolished buzzwords?

We marketers use buzzwords almost as erratically as Little League tykes throw baseballs around the diamond. If you’re in marketing, PR or advertising position – agency or client side – the golden buzzword we’re all using these days is “integrate.”

Integrate channels.

Integrate paid, owned and earned media.

Integrate content to tell stories.

Integrate teams to work more collaboratively.

Integrate with our clients to work seamlessly.

Integrate to integrate the integrated.

You get the picture.

For Schneider Associates, integrate is not just a buzzword. We’re living it not because it’s the cool thing to do, but because it’s THE thing brands MUST do to move the needle in today’s 12-second-attention-span society.

But what does it really mean to integrate? Well, here’s how we see it: (more…)

Thursday, March 26th 2015

Schneider Associates Promotes Lauren Mucci to Account Executive

Schneider Associates (SA) is please to announce the promotion of Lauren Mucci to Account Executive. In her new role, Mucci will be responsible for day-to-day client management, media relations, social media strategy and content creation. Mucci will be a key player in supporting account strategy for a wide variety of the agency’s clients including the Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh, the Downtow Boston Business Improvement District (BID), Dynatrap®, Posternak Blankstein & Lund LLP and DTZ Boston.

A native of Falmouth, ME, Mucci graduated from Endicott College where she majored in Communication and concentrated in Media Studies. Prior to joining SA as an Account Coordinator in June 2014, Mucci completed a corporate PR internship at the agency.

Monday, March 23rd 2015

SA Promotes Nicole LeLacheur to Account Executive, Integrated Media


Schneider Associates (SA) is excited to announce the promotion of Nicole LeLacheur to Account Executive, Integrated Media. In her new role, LeLacheur will be responsible for marketing strategy and execution for the agency, as well as new business development and content marketing campaign strategies for consumer, corporate and education clients.

Prior to joining SA as an Account Coordinator in June 2014, LeLacheur completed several internships at the agency, as well as a consumer PR internship with marlo marketing/communications and an editorial internship with her local newspaper, The Lowell Sun. With a background in digital journalism and integrated media, LeLacheur works with clients across the agency, including Sunstar GUM®, Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management, and Dynatrap®.

LeLacheur is a graduate of Endicott College with a major in Communications, a concentration in Digital Journalism and a minor in Psychology. LeLacheur served three years as the Editor-in-Chief of her College newspaper, The Endicott Observer.

Monday, March 16th 2015

Schneider Associates Promotes Josh Tammaro to Account Executive


Schneider Associates (SA) is pleased to announce the promotion of Josh Tammaro to Account Executive. In his new role, Tammaro will be responsible for day-to-day client management and community outreach, as well as social media strategy development and content creation. Tammaro will be a key player in supporting account strategy for a wide variety of the agency’s clients including MIT’s Sloan School of Management, New England College of Business, Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business and College of Engineering, and William James College.

Tammaro graduated from Boston University in May 2014 with a major in Communications. Prior to joining SA as an Account Coordinator in June 2014, Tammaro completed an internship at the agency and served as Public Relations Specialist for Boston University’s Center for Professional Education.

Friday, March 13th 2015

SA Attends Annual BRITE ‘15 Conference at Columbia University


The SA team recently traveled to Columbia University for the annual BRITE ’15 Conference for leaders in business, technology, media and marketing. BRITE offers a unique blend of thinkers and doers, and challenges people to think differently about the changing landscape of media and technology.

CEO Joan Schneider (@JoanSchneider), four-time BRITE attendee, along with her colleagues Senior Account Executive Carolyn Tillo (@ctillo89) and Account Executive Nicole LeLacheur (@nicolelelacheur) joined a group of innovators, marketers, entrepreneurs and champions of social enterprise to learn about building and sustaining great brands. As PR/marketing experts, we’re always looking for new, fresh ways to reinvigorate our clients’ and agency’s branding. Here are five key themes the SA team took away from the conference:

551. Location

Today’s consumers value experiences over things. When offering a product or service, brands must create an interesting, alluring experience to win over consumers. The idea of global and local brand messaging has now merged into the concept of “glocal” – creating a brand identity and message that resonates globally, but also works locally. When considering how this relates to your clients, understanding your target audiences is critical.

552. Tech Revolution

The last twenty years focused on digitization and migrating content to the Internet. The next twenty years will be about technological changes to the physical world. How will this revolution be different from others we’ve seen? The idea of the “Internet of Things” will come into play in years to come; physical things will connect to the Internet more and more, such as the Nest thermostat and even robotic integration into daily life. Connecting this back to client service, it’s important for PR counsellors and marketers to understand the various platforms, keep on top of tech trends and read tech blogs regularly.

553. Digital Marketing/Social Media

Audiences are constantly changing. The way people consume media is far different from previous generations (learn more in our 2014 MMNPL eBook about media consumption patterns.) Consumers are over-stimulated and pay less attention to brand messaging. Marketers must keep in mind that not all clients want to be on social media – that’s where we can come into play to provide assistance. It’s also important to produce meaningful messages for clients, instead of producing content just for the sake of producing content.

554. Women in the Workplace

One of the sessions at BRITE ’15 covered women in the workplace – being a female in an office is more than about just “leaning in,” it’s about having an entrepreneurial spirit and promoted success. How does this translate to a PR/marketing agency such as SA? Women need to help each other climb the ladder, whether it’s asking the opinions of others or lending a hand on teams you may not work with on a daily basis.

555. Brands vs. Startups

Brands and startups may be at different places in the market, but they shouldn’t act so differently. Brands are great at consistency, executing to the task and defining their story, but they can take a page from the startup playbook and work on agility. On the other hand, while startups are great at innovating, filling unmet market needs and adapting, it’s difficult for them to think about risk management like an established brand. Translating this to client services, it’s important to be in sync with the overall business strategy when working with both brands and startups. Define potential problems before they arise, prioritize goals and issues and then prototype a solution.

55BONUS! Step Out of the Office

It’s important for PR/marketing professionals to manage by walking around! Get out of the office, attend a conference or seminar and think about the industry in a different light. It’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day, so it’s refreshing to hear from experts who are innovating so that you can bring back this wisdom to your work. Registering for events that boost professional development and provide new insights to take back to your clients and your colleagues is always smart – and makes you smarter! And don’t forget to teach others what you’ve learned.  The above insights came from a presentation the team below shared at the SA staff meeting this week.

Joan Schneider, CEO
Carolyn Tillo, Senior Account Executive
Nicole LeLacheur, Account Executive