Thursday, January 29th 2015

Meet our Spring 2015 Interns


The Schneider Associates team would like to welcome our lineup of spring-semester interns! Let’s get to know them a little better and see what they’re most looking forward to during their time at SA.


Meng Guo


Where are you from?


Where do (or did) you attend undergrad? Grad school?

Boston University

What is your major? Minor?

Public Relations

What are your interests and hobbies?

Photography, table tennis

What are you most looking forward to while interning at SA?

Learning about product launch PR and working with new colleagues



Alexandra Powell


Where are you from?

Ashland, MA

Where do (or did) you attend undergrad? Grad school?

I received my bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I am currently enrolled in graduate school at Lasell College.

What is your major? Minor?

Integrated Marketing Communication

What are your interests and hobbies?

I enjoy watching stand-up comedy, eating, and playing with puppies

What are you most looking forward to while interning at SA?

I am excited to start my marketing career and I am most looking forward to learning from my mentors at Schneider Associates!


Jaclyn (Jackie) Vazquez


Where are you from?

Danville, a small town in the San Francisco Bay area.

Where do (or did) you attend undergrad? Grad school?

I am currently a second-semester senior at Boston University’s College of Communication.

What is your major? Minor?

I am a Public Relations major with a psychology concentration.

What are your interests and hobbies?

I religiously follow my sports teams – the Chicago Bears, the Chicago Blackhawks, and the Chicago Cubs – through good times and bad. I try to catch most games, but when that isn’t possible, Twitter just has to suffice. I love to read, especially anything written by Stephen King. Being active is a must for me, whether it be going to the gym or getting out of Boston for the weekend.

What are you most looking forward to while interning at SA?

SA will give me more agency experience, as well as more experience working with corporate clients. I am also looking forward to learning more Launch Public Relations and integrating social media in a PR campaign.



Elaina Druid


Where are you from?

Reading, MA

Where do (or did) you attend undergrad? Grad school?

I am currently attending Curry College in Milton, MA.

What is your major? Minor?

I am majoring in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and I am minoring in English.

What are your interests and hobbies?

I love photography, music (Spotify is my best friend), dance, playing the Ukulele, and running

What are you most looking forward to while interning at SA?

I am excited to gain more experience in a PR agency and to have the opportunity to do some hands-on work for Schneider Associates and their clients.



Grant Bachhuber


Where are you from?
Duluth, Minnesota

Where do (or did) you attend undergrad? Grad school?

Boston University (graduating this spring 2015)

What is your major? Minor?

Major: Linguistics

Minor: Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

What are your interests and hobbies?

Minnesota lake life, hunting, biking, reading, exotic food, photography

What are you most looking forward to while interning at SA?

Working with a diverse client base and connecting with the fun SA team



Liz Middleswarth


Where are you from?

I’m from a small town in northern New Jersey about twenty minutes outside New York City.

Where do (or did) you attend undergrad? Grad school?

I attend Boston University.

What is your major? Minor?

I am studying Public Relations with a minor in History.

What are your interests and hobbies?

I love traveling – I just spent the last year living in London and then Los Angeles! I live to binge watch Netflix, and am thoroughly dedicated to stalking celebrities on

What are you most looking forward to while interning at SA?

I am most looking forward to learning as much as possible about what it takes to be successful at an agency before I graduate this spring (while simultaneously trying not to cry too hard when I think about how I’m almost done with college!)



Jack Slye


Where are you from?

Needham, MA

Where do (or did) you attend undergrad? Grad school?

Freshmen at University of Delaware, Alfred Lerner College of Business

What is your major? Minor?

Business Undeclared, Journalism Minor

What are your interests and hobbies?

I enjoy playing golf with my buddies, and am interested in marketing and management.

What are you most looking forward to while interning at SA?

Becoming integrated into the business. I’ve heard that the interns are very involved, and I look forward to the challenge.

Harrison Calato 

Where are you from?

Amherst New Hampshire

Where do (or did) you attend undergrad? Grad school?

Sacred Heart University, Welch College of Business

What is your major? Minor?

Major in Marketing

Minor in Sociology

What are your interests and hobbies?






What are you most looking forward to while interning at SA?

-Working in a team environment and learning from supervisors and other individuals who have experience in the industry.

-Working on local clients which will help me to stay current with Boston local happenings

-Developing my writing skills to suit a more technical public relations standard

-Taking part in creative brain storming and pushing my limits on thinking creatively

-The Intern project

-Exploring the different areas of the public relations and marketing industry




If you’re interested in learning more about the SA internship program, visit our website and follow us on twitter @SA_launch. To apply for an internship, send your resume and cover letter to

Friday, January 23rd 2015

SA Attends Boston’s State of the City with an Eye on Innovation

On January 13 in Boston, Mayor Marty Walsh delivered his State of the City address at Symphony Hall and three of our SA team members attended. The excitement in the room was palpable as people were eager to hear the plans to further position Boston as a thriving, healthy and innovative city. At SA, we’re all about innovation, and being surrounded by forward thinkers was energizing. After the address, we reflected on the innovative work that we’ve done in conjunction with our clients and as an agency.


  1. Northeastern University’s Whiteboard Innovation Challenge

To launch Northeastern University’s Master of Science in Innovation program, we knew we had to seamlessly integrate innovative thinking into recruiting for this fast-track enrollment campaign. The goal: to promote this new program–and the D’Amore McKim brand–and sign up over 20 students in just four months for a one year master’s degree. What better way to launch a new innovation program than to do something innovative? To spread the word, we launched the Whiteboard Innovation Challenge by wrapping a truck in whiteboard material with the contest and school branding, and took it to the streets of Boston. During the contest, we asked people to share their innovative ideas about how they would use technology to solve everyday problems. The outcome? Hundreds of innovative whiteboard drawings, publicity surrounding a brand new program and most importantly, enrollment leads.


  1. Haystack

When it comes to solving Boston’s parking problems, everyone is all ears to learn about a new solution. Haystack Technologies enlisted SA to create buzz surrounding its new, innovative answer to the parking predicament—a smartphone app allowing people to notify other parkers when they are leaving their parking spot. SA supported a high-end media event at the Liberty Hotel, and helped secure over 80 campaign media placements in print, online and broadcast outlets both locally and nationally. Most importantly, we spread the word about a unique and inventive idea to solve a major problem faced by the City of Boston.


  1. iGen Goes to School

At SA, we’re focused on helping higher education clients reach their enrollment and matriculation targets. Through our “iGen Goes to School” study consisting of a survey and four focus groups in Boston, NY and LA, we found that iGens, or those born between 1994 and 2004, do not prefer the traditional communiques often used by colleges and universities to recruit them. We’re using our data to help schools reimagine their enrollment marketing and communications efforts to drive applications and enrollment – and reach this new, digital generation of college students.



  1. Phoodeez

SA was enlisted to help the online ordering service, Phoodeez, make a name for itself as the go-to catering and delivery service with Boston office managers.SA spread the word about the new corporate catering concierge in local media outlets including the Boston Globe, BostInno, and the BBJ.


  1. #SAMoves to an Open Office

SA made moves this year – literally. Not only did we move offices, but we traded in our traditional offices and high cubes for an open, collaborative space. With walls covered in IdeaPaint, designated areas for brainstorming and vibrant colors, this year will not only bring more innovation to our agency but lots of collaboration (and beer Fridays).


Dani Gerard
Account Executive

Wednesday, January 21st 2015

Helping Client MSPP Tell the Story of Boston’s Haitian Community, 5 Years After the Earthquake

Monday, January 12 marked the fifth anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti. The tragic event killed more than 300,000 people. On Sunday, January 11, Boston’s Haitian community came together at Haitian Resilience Day, organized by Youth & Family Enrichment Services and held at Hyde Park Educational Complex, to remember those they lost. They also celebrated Haiti’s ability to move forward, even in the wake of such a terrible tragedy.

I had the opportunity to attend the event with Gemima St. Louis, psychologist and faculty member at our client, the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, which is becoming William James College on May 7. Schneider Associates coordinated opportunities for Gemima, a native of Haiti, to speak with The Boston Globe and Fox 25 about the importance of ending the stigmas that Haitians associate with mental healthcare. Since the earthquake, seeking help for mental health wounds has become more socially acceptable, because so many people were affected directly or indirectly by this disaster.

The focus of the event was life. Though the community will never forget their hardships or those they lost, they showed their ability to come together and help each other heal.

Carolyn Tillo
Senior Account Executive


Monday, January 12th 2015

Schneider Associates’ 2015 PR New Year’s Resolutions

Each December, we’re prompted by friends, family and the Internet to dream up a New Year’s resolution that we’re really going to follow. This year, my resolutions are to run (…or sign up) for a marathon and get involved in a volunteer organization that has meaning to me. Even if some New Year’s resolutions don’t last longer than January, reflecting on what you wish to do differently is a good opportunity for a fresh start. This doesn’t have to be confined to our personal lives, either; it’s a good time to think about what we’d like to improve at work.

In light of this, I thought I would elaborate on a few things my Schneider Associates colleagues and I would like to do differently in 2015 to become better PR professionals:

  1. Take 30 minutes or more each day to focus on reading or watching the news. We strive to accomplish this goal since breaking news affects our clients and where they can fit in to the bigger story. This year, we’ll set up more Google alerts and pay even closer attention to breaking news headlines on the television screens in our office.
  2. Be more efficient. In PR, that’s the name of the game. In 2015, we’ll reflect on what works best for our own personal working style – whether it’s a written list of tasks for the day ranked by priority, or shutting ourselves in an office for a few hours of uninterrupted work time. We won’t be afraid to vocalize what works best for us, especially in our new open office!
  3. Proofread. Every. Document. Twice. Even the most diligent writer makes  mistakes, so we’ll take even more time to read each document aloud, print it out and rely on our colleagues to review our work. The more eyes that see a project before it’s finalized, the better it will be – and the greater chance it will hit the mark.
  4. Make an extra effort with the media. We can find more time for coffee or lunch, and if reporters are unavailable – a nice email unrelated to a pitch, or even a personally delivered coffee can go a long way in showing that you’re a real person like them, not just a name on an email.
  5. Say yes! If we’re given the opportunity to attend a seminar, go to a networking event, or be the team ambassador at a meeting, we’re saying yes and going all in. The people we meet and the things we learn help us grow as professionals and keep our perspectives changing – not to mention, one never knows what opportunities can arise from talking to new people.

What’s the best thing about these PR New Year’s resolutions? They’re totally attainable. If we can keep these in mind for the year to come, 2015 will be a great year.

HannaHeycke NEW
Hanna Heycke
Senior Account Executive

Friday, January 9th 2015

Schneider Associates Senior Account Executive Carolyn Tillo Featured in New York Times Poetry Contest


Last month, Schneider Associates’ Senior Account Executive, Carolyn Tillo, took a brief break from media pitches and press releases to write a poem for a contest presented by New York Times human rights columnist, Nicholas Kristof.

Carolyn and the SA team were excited to see her poem, which according to Kristof was poignantly written, featured in a New York Times article over the holidays. Following the recent Ferguson protests, the theme of the poetry contest surrounded racism and equality.

Below is her poem about her high school in Jacksonville, Fla., and the roots of racial division:


I learned about race in my high school cafeteria.

Whites sat on one side,

Blacks on the other.

It was a house


We were smart kids enrolled in advanced courses,

But we didn’t know how to eat together.

Of course there were exceptions,

And we had friends of different races.

At the end of the day,

I wish I could say

This was in 1950.

But it was in 2005.

Can we talk of progress when we still sit at separate tables?

I wish I could go back in time,

And push all the cafeteria tables into

One table united.

Until the day comes when we can all sit down together,

We must stand up

And refuse to say,

“Everything is OK.”


“I wrote this poem in response to all the news coverage about race relations in the U.S. Although we often talk about the progress our country has made on the road to equality, I think there’s still much more work to be done,” said Carolyn.

Read her poem and the rest of the column on

Monday, January 5th 2015

Thank You to Our Fall 2014 Interns

As we begin 2015, we wanted to take a moment to thank our interns from the fall 2014 semester for their hard work and contributions. We were extremely impressed by their work ethic and thoroughly enjoyed watching them apply what they learned to our semester intern project. Each of the three teams’ proposed launch campaigns demonstrated a breadth of knowledge in preparing for the launch of a new product or service, and we were impressed by the creative lens through which our interns developed their PR/marketing plans, from event logistics to social media to media relations.

A big thank you from the entire SA team!

Fall 2014 Interns

Consumer Team:

Caroline Kirkwood, Boston College ’15

Taylor Weissbratten, Boston University ‘16

Corporate Team: 

Victoria Morris, Suffolk University ‘15

Sophia Han, Boston University ‘16

Grant Bachhuber, Boston University ‘15

Public Affairs Team:

Nicola Gallagher, Boston College ‘15

Emily Morrissey, Boston College ‘15

Nicole Vee, Boston University ‘16

Marketing Team:

Mariela McAuley, Boston University ‘15

Allison Penn, Boston University ‘16

To learn more about internships at SA, visit our website. To apply for an internship, email your resume and cover letter to

Wednesday, December 17th 2014

Schneider Associates Hires Victoria Morris as Account Coordinator


Schneider Associates is please to announce the hiring of Victoria Morris as Account Coordinator.

As Account Coordinator, Morris is responsible for daily account administration and outreach to media. Prior to joining Schneider Associates in her current role, Morris completed an internship at the agency in the summer and fall of 2014, as well as a year-long mental health internship with the Boston Medical Center. With a strong background in media relations and social media, Morris works with clients across the agency.

Morris received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Journalism from Ohio Wesleyan University in May 2012, where she acted as a reporter for her school newspaper, The Transcript. Morris will receive her Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Mental Health Counseling from Suffolk University in May 2015.

Tuesday, December 16th 2014

Schneider Associates Promotes Danielle Gerard to Account Executive


Schneider Associates is pleased to announce the promotion of Danielle Gerard to Account Executive.

In her new role, Gerard will be responsible for day-to-day client management and community outreach, as well as social media content creation. Gerard will be a key player in supporting account strategy for a wide variety of the agency’s clients including the Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh, Phoodeez, Specialty Insurance Advisors, Sunstar GUM and Bay Path University.

A native of Wilton, CT, Gerard graduated from Boston College where she majored in both Communication and Sociology with a minor in International Studies. Prior to joining SA as an Account Coordinator in 2013, Gerard gained experience as a web and social media marketing intern at AmeriCares and as a marketing and PR intern at the National Museum of Ireland.

Monday, December 15th 2014

Schneider Associates 2014 Most Memorable New Product Launch Survey Results Featured on Adweek


The 2014 results of Schneider Associates (SA) annual Most Memorable Product Launch survey were recently featured on, rounding up the top 10 product launches consumers could recall most over the course of the past year. The article also shares the media consumption patterns used by consumers to learn about – and potentially buy – new products.

The article, “The 10 Most Memorable New Products of 2014,” explains how Facebook now ranks just behind television commercials as the most popular way to discover new products. According to the survey conducted by SA and Sentient Decision Science, just 10 percent of consumers learned about a new product through Facebook in 2009 – five years later, that number has risen to 29 percent as television commercials have seen a slow decline.

“Since our survey began in 2002, we’ve been fascinated with the types of sources consumers use when learning about new products,” said Joan Schneider, CEO of Schneider Associates. “We’ve seen traditional media decline and social media become more mainstream…To be successful in reaching emerging, younger generations, integrated marketing campaigns with both social and digital media are required to fully engage and motivate the target audience.”

To see which products made the top 10, read the full article on To receive more information about the 2014 MMNPL results, pre-register for our 2014 MMNPL eBook.


Friday, December 12th 2014

Twitter’s “Buy” Button Launched by Boston Artist

Boston artist Amanda Palmer, perhaps best known for her record-breaking Kickstarter campaign, had the honor of sending the first tweet featuring Twitter’s new “Buy” button.

The tweet included a special offer to incentivize purchases, and sold out the available stock of 100 books in just 20 minutes.

Palmer has a long history with Twitter and uses the medium regularly to communicate with fans and just about everyone else. She’s visited the social network’s headquarters before, and it’s no surprise they worked closely with her to debut this new marketing tool and help her sell copies of her new book. Palmer’s book, “The Art of Asking,” expands on her TED talk of the same name where she details her experiences with crowdfunding and seeking support, services and more from her network of fans and friends.

It’s a little ironic that the newest way to make a digital purchase was first used to sell a physical book, but the technology of the button couldn’t be better. Twitter users in the U.S. were able to click the “Buy” button in the tweet. Once clicked, a new window popped up with a blue “Buy Now” button to confirm the action. The pop-up window then had a simple and clean-looking credit card and shipping information form. The windows were easy to use and looked great on mobile devices. Those with Apple devices can take advantage of the “auto-fill” feature, and once you fill in your information, it’s securely stored for future use.

I’m excited to see this new functionality finally available, and hope to use it for clients in the future. See Twitter’s demo video here: 

Noel Fisher
Content Marketing Supervisor