Established in 1988, The Worldcom Public Relations Group is the world’s leading partnership of independently owned public relations counseling firms, with more than 110 global agency partners worldwide in over 115 cities, 49 countries and across six continents. Partners work with over 3,043 international brands to offer national and international presence, diverse expertise and local market insights–benefiting from our partners’ local knowledge and global experience.

The power of the Worldcom Public Relations Group lies in the ability of its worldwide partner agencies to collectively serve national, international and multi-national clients. Worldcom partners work seamlessly across borders while retaining the flexibility and client-service focus inherent in being a partner of this special group of independent agencies.

  • Standards:Companies and organizations worldwide have confidence in the capabilities of Worldcom partners because these firms are held to the organization’s stringent quality standards, which are administered through regular peer reviews – a proprietary process that ensures that standards are rigorously upheld.
  • Differentiation:A critical differentiator of Worldcom is that partners invest in relationships with one another and deliver value through the use of collective intelligence, offering a seamless approach with the same level of attention to communications planning and programming.
  • Partner Expertise:Worldcom partner agencies, comprising some of the world’s top talents across diverse industries and PR and marketing sectors, occupy leadership positions in the world’s major public relations, digital and marketing professional organizations and business communities.
  • Cost Efficiencies: Worldcom partners offer cost efficiencies to clients by tapping partners with niche expertise, in other geographical regions, or to handle a national or international issue or crisis on a need basis only, rather than incurring year round overhead costs required by multi-national agencies.
  • Culture: Worldcom partners are nationals in the country in which they operate and have local and cultural knowledge that is invaluable to clients with global or local interests.
  • Global Scope:With 2,000+ employees and revenues of over $288 million, Worldcom is the largest public relations partnership in the world, with a global scope and perspective like no other PR network today.

Through Worldcom, clients have on-demand access to in-depth communications expertise from professionals who understand the language, culture and customs of the geographic areas in which they operate.

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