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Real Estate Marketing & PR

Whether you need to secure permitting in a city or town, or are planning a new mixed-use development, Schneider Associates can help you develop the right community relations, media and marketing campaign to effectively reach, educate and attract the audiences that are critical the vision of your real-estate project.

As a Boston-based integrated marketing and PR agency, we've been able to use our local experience to help secure permitting for millions of square feet of new commercial, residential and mixed-use space in communities throughout New England.

While our firm has broad expertise in real estate marketing and public relations for many types of organizations, we have had particular success with real estate clients in the following areas:

Permitting, Zoning & Project Approval

Using SA’s proprietary Community Launch Process, we educate citizens and public officials, activate advocates in grassroots movements on and offline, and leverage a storytelling approach in media that has resulted in a near perfect record through the public process for gaining permitting, zoning and project approval.

Integrated Marketing for Real Estate Developments

Once a property is ready to be marketed, our integrated media team develops creative branding, marketing and digital campaigns that make your project stand out and attract interest. From digital advertising, social media and billboards to direct mail and experiential marketing—SA has the expertise and experience to launch your real estate project in a memorable way.

Real Estate Public Relations

We have long standing relationships with local, regional and national media that will help your project get the attention it deserves. Whether you’re looking to raise awareness and draw new tenants or reposition your property to the community, Schneider Associates can help you communicate with and influence those that matter to your success.

Other Real Estate & Public Affairs Services:

Brand Development & Logo Design
Web Design & Development
Lead Generation for Corporate or Residential Tenants
Crisis Communications & Management
Social Marketing Strategy & Execution
Surveys & Polling
Reputation Management
Media Training
Videos & Town Meeting Presentations

Community Launch: Public Approval Process

Our team has worked in over 50 communities around New England and boasts a 97% project approval success rate. Our Community Launch methodology is responsible for successfully bringing over 50 projects to market, with millions of square feet being approved for development.

Zoom and click on the map to see the real estate projects we’ve worked on!

Case Studies

Public affairs campaign secures town approval for commercial real estate development

Community relations and education campaign for new commercial real estate development

Luxury real estate marketing campaign generates $1 million in pre-construction contract sales


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