Public Relations

Schneider Associates has grown beyond a traditional public relations firm. We provide a suite of digital marketing and integrated media services that directly and quantifiably, drive client success.

We offer the full spectrum of marketing and communications services including:

  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Digital advertising
  • Social media
  • Paid social
  • Lead generation and nurturing
  • Sales support
  • CRM integration
  • Marketing automation
  • Digital design
  • Analytics
  • Media relations

SA has taken the 360-degree consumer marketing methodology and has applied it to our education, real-estate, non-profit, corporate and consumer practices.

Whether we are immersed in an enrollment marketing campaign, leveraging media and influencers to secure development project approvals, or using social media influencers and video assets to motivate consumers to try and buy new products and services; our digital marketing and media strategies have catapulted us into being a fully-integrated marketing firm.

Separation between earned and paid media doesn’t exist anymore. Consumers are smart. Agencies must be smarter. At SA, we are constantly optimizing to move the conversation towards action and/or purchase decisions. We are always testing, and perfecting our campaigns based on what the data tells us. And data analysis is now a big part of what we do.

The key driver behind this tidal wave of digital marketing is accessibly to content, speed to market and the consumer’s desire for creative content that gets to the point. While traditional public relations and media relations are part of the equation, now there are so many more strategies and channels to add to the marketing mix that help us achieve client goals by producing measurable results.