Non Profit

In today’s crowded non profit landscape, every organization is seeking visibility, credibility and a way to tell its story.  Thanks to integrated media, curating your organization’s story is easier than ever. Why?  At a time when newspapers are consolidating, social media channels are proliferating, providing more places to share your organization’s story with current and future stakeholders.

Whether you have personal stories and thought leadership to share on YouTube and your blog, or photos on Pinterest or Instagram, or content on Facebook and Twitter—your constituents want to hear more about what your organization is doing to further its mission.  The more engaging your communications are—the more likely consumers, partners and corporations are to contribute to the great work your organization is accomplishing.  When SA places a great story in print, online or on TV about your organization, we can “volumize” it by sharing it on all paid, owned and earned channels maximizing the value of one communique by distributing it to many.

We look at organizational news through our “Launch Lens”—always asking the question, “How can we create something more newsworthy and relevant around this piece of content to make it bigger and more important?” Is there a way to link our announcement to what is trending on Twitter? Can one of our spokespeople talk knowledgably not only about our announcement but what this announcement means to our city, state or the world? Thinking beyond the news release is what we do—we want to drive meaningful coverage by creating newsworthy stories, events or alternatively reports or surveys that reporters, editors and producers simply must cover.

Thinking big is our ethos at SA.  Our goal is to go beyond creating a “basic” campaign that gets lost in the media shuffle. We create programs that make your organization stand out from its competitors and cause your audience to pay attention—or donate, sign up, participate in an event, make a difference—whatever you are trying to achieve, our campaign will surround your audiences with messages that will mobilize them to get involved.

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