Zeo Integrated Product Launch Public Relations Campaign

Zeo Integrated Product Launch Public Relations Campaign

Client: Zeo Inc.

Project: Launch of Zeo™ Personal Sleep Coach


Help Zeo Inc. capture part of the $23 billion sleep industry by introducing, then building demand for Zeo™, the Personal Sleep Coach. Developed with leading sleep scientists, Zeo is a new kind of educational tool and motivational program that helps users understand how they are sleeping, reveals habits and behaviors that may be helping or hindering their sleep, and teaches new ways that may help consumers get a better night’s rest.  Zeo is a three-part personal sleep coach product, combined with a highly personalized sleep coaching program.

Biggest Challenges:

  • Assessing editors’ knowledge of the importance of sleep and the growing sleep-deprivation dilemma.
  • Educating influential editors and motivating them to write about a totally new product category— sleep fitness — and the benefits that only Zeo can deliver.
  • Introducing and positioning Zeo as a device and coaching program based in science, not a technology gadget.
  • Ensuring reporters are clear on the benefits of Zeo as compared with other sleep-related devices on the market.
  • Communicating the critical importance of quality sleep and establishing the proven fact that sleep is as important as diet and exercise when it comes to maintaining overall health.
  • Developing clear, simple messaging to communicate the three-parts of the Zeo system, including the display and headband, MyZeo Web site and personal Coaching Program.
  • Promoting personal product trial among the media, who in turn, would inform potential users about the functionality, benefits and value behind the introductory $399 price point.

zeo-personal-sleep-coach-with-headband-e1290479819235Winning Strategies:

  • Created a multi-tiered Launch Plan which included a soft launch among exclusive media; a product launch with top tier national press and post launch media outreach to extend messages and drive further press coverage nationwide.
  • Formulated a pre-launch media strategy that targeted three, top influential media outlets and offered exclusive coverage of Zeo prior to national roll-out.
  • Outlets included one national newspaper, one weekly national news magazine and one leading morning news program to create a buzz storm leading up to a one-of-a-kind editor event (See Zeo Editor Event Case Study).
  • With each exclusive pitched, provided the editors with Zeo and maintained close daily contact to coach them through their own personal use of Zeo as well as on how to use and interpret the data from the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach system.
  • Worked extensively with Zeo leadership and spokespersons to media train and articulate compelling messaging about the product benefits, features and this new category.
  • Performed outreach to celebrity, corporate CEO influencers and technology enthusiasts to promote trial of the product.


  • Secured an exclusive in the Wall Street Journal’s inaugural personal health section, Health Journal, both on and offline, with accompanying video that was picked up by influential blogs and social media sites.
  • WSJ article in June was one of the three Editor’s Picks for the site, the second most emailed, the fourth most-read story and the third most watched video.
  • Secured extensive media coverage in the New York Times (article + video), USA Today (article + video picked up by 50 regional broadcast stations), Fortune, Barron’s, Popular Science, Business Week, PC Magazine, Forbes, Shape, Women’s Day, CNET, CNBC, Fox and Friends, Regis and Kelly (product trial by Regis), Good Morning America and The Today Show, with impressions to date totaling over 1.24 billion.
  • Drove sales for Zeo on the MyZeo.com site solely from the publicity generated by the launch media relations efforts.
  • Attracted an average of 2,000 – 3,000 visitors per day to the MyZeo.com site, in just six weeks since the campaign launch.
  • Established credibility for the product to set the stage for the direct print, radio and broadcast advertising campaign.

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