Zeo Editor Launch Event in NYC

Zeo Editor Launch Event in NYC

Client: Zeo

Project: Product Launch Media Event for Zeo™, the Personal Sleep Coach


  • Host a media event to educate editors about Zeo and allow them to personally experience the world’s first personal sleep coach. Invite media to attend a stylish night cap event and stay overnight at The Standard, New York’s newest trendy hotel. Host a breakfast briefing with prestigious speakers in the sleep industry to share information and discourse about Zeo and sleep.
  • Fulfill the directive from our client to “do something bold” with an extraordinary media event demonstrating that the more you know, the better you sleep.

Biggest Challenges:

  • Overcoming skepticism about new technology products, especially in a brand new category—sleep fitness.
  • Timing the media event with our short lead media relations campaign so it would coincide with major short lead media coverage to foster credibility and relevance.
  • Engaging long lead editors in an intensive educational event, first trying Zeo at the product launch media event and then convincing them to use it for a full week to experience the full benefit.

camp.zeo_93959Winning Strategies:

  • Strategically mapped out a media outreach and blogger outreach plan so that coverage by major short lead media like the Wall Street Journal’s Health Journal section and online video, would occur in the weeks leading up to the event.
  • Distributed editor invitations in the Zeo ‘black box’ product package with exclusive details to lure editors to the media event at The Standard to try the new product first hand.
  • Created an editor event that matched the magnitude of the product release by booking it at a luxurious new hotel, The Standard in New York’s Meat Packing  District, and invited editors to bring their spouses or significant others to share the experience.
  • Piqued editor curiosity to explore the new way to sleep at the new place to sleep.
  • Themed the media event with the Zeo colors of black and yellow, and provided cocktails prepared by Sasha Petraske, proprietor of Milk & Honey (one of New York’s choicest cocktail bars).
  • Offered personal headband fittings, detailed in-room instructions and 24-hour sleep concierge services to answer questions from media members during the night.
  • Featured multimedia presentations from some of the nation’s foremost sleep experts at the breakfast briefing and encouraged editors to check out the “stay and play” area (an interactive, branded playground of knowledge stations) to learn more about how to best benefit from using the Zeo product.
  • Allowed editors to take the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach home for a two week trial, with a “friends and family” rate if they decided to keep the unit.
  • Followed-up with the media to thank them and offer support in the form of any information or materials they needed to write about the experience, along with “house calls” with sleep expert, Dr. Michael Breus to analyze their personal sleep data.


  • Generated attendance from 37 out of 50 editors invited to the morning briefing, from which 25 elected to experience the Zeo nightcap and stayed overnight at The Standard hotel.
  • Generated more than 900 million impressions from the product launch media event and media relations campaign, including extensive media coverage in the New York Times (article + video), USA Today (article + video picked up by 50 regional broadcast stations), Fortune, Barron’s, Popular Science, Business Week, PC Magazine, Forbes, Shape, Women’s Day, CNET, CNBC, Fox and Friends and Regis and Kelly (product trial by Regis).
  • Established credibility for the product and drove thousands of people to myzeo.com to set the stage for the fall direct print, radio and broadcast advertising campaign.

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