Website Design and Development for a Construction Management Firm

Website Design and Development for a Construction Management Firm

The Challenge: Re-design construction management firm J. Calnan & Associates’ (JC&A) website to convey their mission, ethos, culture, and brand identity.

Expand and leverage the 20th anniversary  “We Build” brand theme int he website design, as well as update the coding infrastructure and ensure it can be supported by mobile devices. SA was also asked to develop a campaign to launch the new site and introduce it to JC&A’s network.

Our Approach: Conceptualize an improved, streamlined website to help enhance visual appeal, communicate JC&A’s updated brand, as well as guide user experience.

Building on the “We Build” JC&A brand anthem, SA developed streamlined navigation to three main headers: We Build Leaders, We Build Quality Projects and We Build Relationships. These three sections of the site can continually be updated with new content including company news, such as philanthropic/social initiatives, team building events and thought leadership pieces.

Design considerations included:

  • A contemporized page layout based on the new corporate brand
  • An expanded graphic area for the home page
  • Interior pages that featured stunning portfolio images
  • A feed aggregator for social media and a newsroom and blog to showcase content

SA produced a wealth of video content as well as still photos to weave into the We Build topical vignettes on the website. For the main video, SA expanded on the “We Build” brand anthem and created a common thread in the video so key thematic points were woven through each project video, which resulted in a cohesive feel.

SA’s tactics for launching the new JC&A website included:

  • An email and social media marketing campaign to engage with partners, clients, stakeholders and friends.
  • Social media content which included the top 20 project highlights, local events and charities that JC&A supports, as well as posts highlighting valuable information in order top drive traffic to the site.

Results: The website and video received praise and accolades from partners, clients and friends.

The new JC&A website and video communicated JC&A’s brand identity and aesthetic, showcasing their philanthropic nature, team oriented culture, and corporate identity.

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