Launch Public Relations Campaign for a Revolutionary Medical Diagnostic Device

Launch Public Relations Campaign for a Revolutionary Medical Diagnostic Device

Client:              Watermark

Project:            Watermark New York Times Placement


  • Introduce a revolutionary medical diagnostic device to B2B and consumer audiences through a coordinated public relations effort.
  • Introduce Watermark to national short- and long-lead media that reach both consumer and B2B audiences.
  • Secure a placement to announce the Watermark ARES entry into the market, in an effort to raise awareness among consumer audiences and improve adoption by health insurance organizations.
  • Garner attention from physicians and investors to further establish the credibility of the Watermark ARES product.

Winning Strategies and Tactics:

  • Considered all of the top tier media outlets that were a strong fit for the consumer and B2B awareness that Watermark was seeking, and concluded that a New York media tour would be an excellent way to put Watermark Medical’s leadership team in front of all the right audiences and tell a compelling story.
  • Leveraged Watermark executive John Scully, former CEO of Apple, to secure media interviews during the week leading up to the much anticipated iPad launch (Where John had inside knowledge of Apple, reporters were open to hearing the Watermark pitch knowing they could also get a better perspective on the iPad introduction).
  • Secured meetings with Fortune, Newsweek, Bloomberg Businessweek, USA Today, and our top target, Steve Lohr, the business and emerging technology reporter for the New York Times.
  • Met with all media targets and stressed the advantages of portability, convenience and cost savings with editors, demonstrating how an average patient would only pay a small co-pay amount to find out if they have an Obstructive Sleep Apnea condition.
  • Confirmed Steve Lohr’s interest and convinced our top ranked media contact to write the exclusive story to introduce the Watermark Medical ARES device.
  • Worked closely with Lohr over a three month period to coordinate content for the story.
  • Scheduled difficult-to-secure interviews with doctors who were using and prescribing the ARES to patients, as well as an interview with in-house Watermark Medical expert and creator of the product, Philip Westbrook, Ph. D.
  • Arranged a photo shoot to capture Watermark physician Lee Surkin, Ph.D., consulting with a patient who wore the ARES device.


  • Placed the story, “High-Tech Alternatives to High-Cost Care,” which ran on Sunday, May 23, 2010 in the New York Times business section with Watermark Medical’s ARES device as the lead product in the story.
  • Helped establish Watermark Medical as the industry leader in portable sleep apnea diagnostic devices, which led directly to sales of 50 ARES devices to two physicians in the New York area.
  • Helped Watermark Medical secure millions of dollars in investor funding and generated several inquiries from physicians who wanted to learn more about the product and how they could prescribe it.
  • Drove a significant spike in website traffic.

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