Brand Identity and Presentation Design for Sleepwear Line

Brand Identity and Presentation Design for Sleepwear Line

Client: G-co

Project: Brand Development & PowerPoint Presentation


Create a look and feel for the Safe@Sleep.cotton brand of flame retardant sleepwear and develop an identity campaign and sales presentation that communicated credibility for this new brand to convince big box retailers to carry the clothing line.

Biggest Challenges:

  • Organizing and communicating an overwhelming amount of research data and information in a concise, compelling fifteen minute PowerPoint that told the safe@sleep story.
  • Conducting focus groups with Mommies Clique, SA’s group of mommies across the United States who provide a real parent perspective on new products.  Secured video content, photos and feedback from the mommies to help develop the brand personality and marketing campaign.

Winning Strategies:

  • Engaged in a rapid brand development process to create a look and feel for the Safe@Sleep.cotton brand, produced a seven minute sales video and designed collateral materials to include in the video.
  • Casted and conducted a photo shoot starring children ages three  to nine wearing the safe@sleep sleepwear while at play to convey the product could be worn beyond bedtime.
  • Coordinated and shot video of the Mommies Clique focus group talking about the merits of fire retardant sleepwear for children, capturing first hand testimonial of how moms would buy this product once educated about the benefits.
  • Interviewed and shot video of Martin Bride, Professor of Textiles at the University of Rhode Island, and Stanley Barnett, Professor of Chemical Engineering, from the University of Rhode Island, to add professional, expert testimonials to the sales video.


  • Created a brand identity and presentation that can be used long-term to help promote the Safe@Sleep.cotton brand.
  • Presentation was used to educate the sales force and used to successfully present and sell-in this new line to major, big box retailers.

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