Lead Generation Enrollment Campaign for Rutgers Business School

Lead Generation Enrollment Campaign for Rutgers Business School

The Challenge: Promote Rutgers Alumni Discount for RBSEE Mini-MBA Programs and Motivate Graduates to Apply

Rutgers Business School offers several non-degree programs though Rutgers Business School Executive Education (RBSEE). These Mini-MBA™ programs are designed for college graduates looking to continue their education while working full-time. To encourage applications for RBSEE, Rutgers introduced a 15 percent discount for Rutgers University alumni.

Schneider Associates was retained to promote the Rutgers alumni discount and motivate graduates to apply.

Our Approach: Through Revamped Social Media Messaging, SA Determined that Messaging Based on Individual Programs with Aspirational Copy Would be the Most Beneficial. SA Implemented Facebook Ads to Promote Alumni Discount to Greater Audience

Prior to the campaign, RBSEE’s Facebook featured mostly shared pictures of faculty and students as well as blogs from the college’s main site. Through our discovery process, we ascertained that originally-designed content would make the RBSEE visual identity more prominent and easier to recognize. SA wrote aspirational copy to speak to the goals of alumni hoping to achieve post-graduation and to effectively engage the audience. SA used Facebook as a platform for A/B testing to determine if the general RBSEE brand or the specific Mini-MBA programs would result in more lead capture. The testing revealed that messaging focused on the individual programs outperformed general messages about RBSEE.

SA implemented Facebook’s newest ad features to increase lead capture. With this tool, SA was able to spread awareness of the 15% discount to alumni while building the Rutgers brand.


Results: With Newly Designed Facebook Posts, SA Was Able to Increase Facebook Following by 574% and Attract 491 New Leads for the RBSEE Program

  • SA’s efforts resulted in over 491 new leads for RBSEE programs.
  • SA was able to increase Rutgers’ Facebook following by 574 % over a period of four months. In terms of engagement, RBSEE posts resulted in 67 comments.
  • SA created a new look for RBSEE’s Facebook posts. The design centered around a simple vector graphic scheme. This art style paired with the color red made for a strong visual that grabbed viewers’ attention.