Rampart-Nomura Agreement

Rampart-Nomura Agreement

Client: Rampart Investment Management

Project: Nomura Partnership Announcement


  • Coordinate simultaneous announcements in Japan and the U.S. for a new strategic partnership between Rampart Investment Management (Boston, Mass.) and Nomura Trust and Banking Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Japan’s Nomura Holdings, Inc.)
  • Raise awareness and develop credibility for Rampart’s equity options strategies being offered to Nomura’s high net worth clients in Japan
  • Position Rampart Investment Management as an expert in the options industry, and educate the Asian and international markets about this new investment product being marketed in Japan for the first time

Biggest Challenges:

  • Identifying and managing the protocol of making parallel announcements in two different time zones where one entity is a publicly traded company.
  • Navigating Japanese cultural traditions and media relations protocol to understand how financial institutions make major announcements in Japan as compared to the U.S.
  • Identifying the right media outlets and reporters in Japan, and coordinating interviews despite the 13-hour time zone difference.

Winning Strategies:

  • Worked with our Worldcom partner in Japan to develop messaging that was culturally in tune with the way business news is announced in Japan.
  • Performed extensive research to identify and make contact with key media professionals in Tokyo to educate them on the importance of this new options investment program being introduced.
  • Established a regular communication schedule and plan to overcome time zone challenges and language barriers, as well as ensure that all stakeholders from Rampart Investment Management and Nomura Trust & Banking were fully apprised of the latest developments, including the legal and marketing teams.
  • Managed simultaneous announcements in two markets across the globe, while adhering to guidelines in place regarding news releases by publicly traded companies.
  • Planned a celebratory dinner party for Nomura on behalf of Rampart and selected gifts for all executives.
  • Retained a cultural protocol coach to brief Rampart about doing business in Japan.


  • Secured an exclusive with the Financial Times, coverage by Bloomberg and distributed a wire release which was picked up nationally and internationally by several financial industry news sites, publications and blogs.
  • Built awareness in a new market about equity options strategies to be offered in Japan by the Rampart-Nomura partnership.

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