Consumer National PR and Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign for Environmentally Friendly Insect Trap

Consumer National PR and Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign for Environmentally Friendly Insect Trap

The Challenge: Increase DynaTrap’s brand awareness while doing some good

DynaTrap is the maker of the original insect trap, the DT1000, designed to provide an alternative to expensive propane insect traps with their environmentally friendly, easy to use product. In August 2016, Prolonged rainfall in the southern region of Louisiana resulted in disastrous flooding, with areas receiving as much as 20 inches of rainfall in five days. This flooding led to large infestations of mosquitos, especially in Baton Rouge. DynaTrap wanted to help.

Our Approach: Promote DynaTrap’s donation and position their products as the best chemical-free mosquito abatement for homes with a “Rage Against the Mosquito” campaign

Dr. Gadget, a national television personality, was tapped to spearhead a corporate social responsibility event in Baton Rouge where 1,000 DynaTrap®XL Mosquito Traps were distributed to flood victims free-of-charge. SA developed a local and regional media relations campaign focusing on Baton Rouge and the surrounding media market around the donation of the $250,000 in traps. SA drove the media relations strategy and outreach prior to, during and after the Rage Against the Mosquito events. The campaign was designed to:

  • Position DynaTrap® as a socially responsible company by donating 1,000 mosquito traps to flood-ravished Baton Rouge residents
  • Raise awareness for DynaTrap® and educate consumers about the effectiveness of these products as well as their environmental benefits
  • Further solidify DynaTrap® as a leading manufacturer of flying insect traps

Since the Zika virus was affecting pregnant women in other southern cities, SA also included facts on the Zika virus in all press materials to inform the media that the DynaTrap®XL Mosquito Trap targets the Aedes species, the type of mosquito that carries Zika. SA tapped into the concern many Americans felt about contracting Zika, and the health risks associated with standing water and mosquito infestations.












The Results: The Baton Rouge and Miami “Rage Against the Mosquito” events run by SA garnered 18 media placements and 27,466,328 impressions

SA positioned DynaTrap® as the must-have mosquito repellant product that protects from the risk of insect-borne diseases.  This community relations/community outreach campaign spearheaded by a local church, gave residents piece of mind that they and their families were safe from mosquitoes.

Because of SA’s efforts, the Rage Against the Mosquito Baton Rouge events were featured in multiple local and regional newspapers and broadcast outlets which generated a total of 416,400 impressions. DynaTrap® product features ran on the following websites, print publications, and news segments:

  • The Advocate
  • WVLA (NBC)

Due to the success of the Rage Against the Mosquito Baton Rouge event, SA, DynaTrap® and Dr. Gadget took the event on the road and donated 100 DynaTrap®XL Mosquito Traps to residents in Miami, Florida whose neighborhoods had recently been declared Zika zones. Building on the momentum from Baton Rouge, SA targeted local, regional, and national journalists based in Miami.

The Miami Rage Against the Mosquito event was wildly successful resulting in national, local and regional top-tier media placements totaling 27,049,928 impressions. DynaTrap® was mentioned in USA Today and covered on websites, in print publications, and on news segments including:

  • WTVJ NBC 6 Miami
  • WSVN 7 News Miami
  • WPLG Local 10 News (ABC)
  • WFOR CBS Miami
  • 51 Telemundo Miami
  • USA Today

The Baton Rouge and Miami Rage Against the Mosquito events run by SA garnered 18 media placements and 27,466,328 impressions.