Promoting the MIT Sloan Student Experience Through Creative Social Media and Video Campaign

Promoting the MIT Sloan Student Experience Through Creative Social Media and Video Campaign

MIT Sloan Admissions

Situation Analysis

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 11.24.28 AMMIT Sloan School of Management recruits top students from around the world for its MBA and Master of Finance (MFin) degree programs. The admissions team greets prospective students at information sess ions in cities across the globe and on-campus. MIT Sloan also hosts
AdMIT weekends where admitted students can tour the school, connect with current students and gain a better understanding of the university’s culture. Since it is often challenging for prospective students to attend regional or campus events, MIT Sloan wanted to showcase its collaborative and diverse culture in new ways that enabled prospects and their significant others to witness first-hand what it means to be part of the MIT Sloan community.

MIT Sloan retained Schneider Associates (SA) to create a comprehensive social media and video campaign to capture the excitement and fun of the MIT Sloan community and its admissions events, including its AdMIT weekends. Using a combination of GoPro video footage shot on campus by SA and MIT Sloan students, as well as live tweeting, Twitter chats and monthly publishing calendars, SA developed a social media campaign that helped prospective students around the world learn more about MIT Sloan life.


  • Capture the MIT Sloan student experience through social media and video, allowing admitted students to attend virtual information sessions and AdMIT weekends to understand what life at MIT Sloan is all about
  • Drive global enrollment for MIT Sloan School of Management

Strategies and Execution:

  • Develop social media publishing calendars to promote AdMIT weekends and summer and fall recruitment events held throughout the U.S. and abroad
  • Conduct social journalism to capture and promote AdMIT content in real-time during admissions events
  • Activate student ambassadors to collect photos and videos from admissions events using GoPros and smartphones
  • Use GoPros to shoot background footage of AdMIT weekend events
  • Produce a series of videos that showcased the AdMIT Weekend experience
  • Leverage video content and social media posts in email newsletters distributed to applicants
  • Conduct Twitter chats about the MIT Sloan student experience, including a chat focusing on #MITSloanLife, coordinating with MIT Sloan so that current students could field questions from prospective studentsScreen Shot 2016-06-10 at 11.21.19 AM

Measurement and Results:
Results of overall social media campaign:
Interactions: 1.3k individual users on Twitter
Reach: 13.4 million total users reached

From January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015:
New followers gained: 1,357
Link clicks on content shared: 24,087
Mentions based on content we’ve shared: 692
Retweets of content developed as part of this campaign: 571

Results specific to Twitter chats:Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 11.16.44 AM

  • #NonprofitImpact Twitter Chat
    • 551 posts
    • 85 users
    • 812,283 reach (the amount of people who saw our hashtag)
    • 7,364,151 impressions (the amount of total potential users on Twitter who read MIT Sloan distributed content with the hashtag)
  • #MITSloanLife Twitter Chat

    • 506 posts
    • 84 users
    • 283,895 reach (the amount of people who saw our hashtag)
    • 3 million impressions

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