Liquid Wrench’s Social Media Toolbox

Liquid Wrench’s Social Media Toolbox

Client: RSC, Liquid Wrench Brand


  • Create and foster interaction among a community of do-it-yourself-ers (DIY), home improvement, and auto enthusiasts and engage the community through social media.
  • Position Liquid Wrench as an expert in its category and cultivate awareness of the brand and product line.
  • Drive traffic to the new Liquid Wrench website and increase the brand’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Create an educational campaign to explain to consumers why Liquid Wrench has “a wrench for every job.”
  • Secure a cornerstone media placement that would generate awareness, build credibility and generate buzz for the Liquid Wrench brand.
  • Establish third-party reviews and endorsements to prove to retailers that the brand is relevant to a new generation of DIYers and to help facilitate distribution.
  • Introduce the Liquid Wrench brand to a new generation of tech-savvy DIYers who saw the product as a “brand their fathers used.”
  • Develop, launch and manage an introductory social media campaign, specifically using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to engage with consumers, DIYers, auto enthusiasts, trade professionals, influencers and the media.
  • Overcome consumer confusion about which product to use when tackling home improvement projects and the misconception that a multi-purpose product, such as WD-40, is always the best product for the task at hand.
  • Introduce the revitalized brand to a wide variety of consumers, as well as positioning Liquid Wrench against WD-40’s “one-size-fits-all” message.


Strategies and Tactics:

  • Conducted social media research to understand consumer and industry thought leader sentiment about Liquid Wrench, its competition and the category in general.
  • Leveraged research to develop a social media strategy, messaging and monthly content that framed the campaign and integrated seamlessly with the current conversations already taking place online.
  • SA created a community manager guide that detailed the Liquid Wrench Social Media Messaging, Social Media Protocol, Listening Tools and Strategy, Social Media Linking Strategy, Editorial Calendar and brand assets to be used in social media.
  • Developed accounts for the brand on sites including Twitter and Facebook, and engaged with top target influencers in the automotive, DIY and home improvement channels.
  • Leveraged assets such as how-to videos featuring DIY guru Danny Lipford on YouTube, the Solution Finder on the new Liquid Wrench website and other educational elements to continue to build the brand’s following and engage with users.
  • Coordinated interviews with key Liquid Wrench executives and provided “behind the scenes” details about the research and how the rebranding campaign was developed.
  • Highlighted the brand’s first consumer advertising campaign, trade and consumer public relations program, new website, celebrity spokesperson Danny Lipford, social media properties, as well as the industry’s first text codes on the new product packaging.

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  • Generated engagement with influencers and celebrities, such as Jesse James from West Coast Choppers and Jay Leno of NBC’s Tonight Show.
  • Helped build excitement, generate awareness and drive traffic to the Liquid Wrench website.
  • In the first six months SA helped create organic search engine optimization by building a following of more than 2,750 individuals on Twitter, established more than 180 fans on Facebook and garnered almost 6,000 video views on YouTube and more than 18,000 link clicks on
  • Developed a flourishing online community that continues to grow under the client team, driving awareness of the Liquid Wrench product line and offering new channels for long-time fans to communicate their affinity for the brand and uses for the products.
  • Secured the first brand feature about Liquid Wrench in a national media outlet (The New York Times) in the 80-year history of the company, which was picked up by more than 20 online news outlets, totaling more than eight million impressions for this placement alone.
  • Helped support the new product positioning with The New York Times story, and introduced the education campaign Liquid Wrench was launching both on and offline.
  • Positively outlined the campaign and the line of six hero products, and further solidified Liquid Wrench’s credibility and benefits against rival WD-40.
  • Used Liquid Wrench’s new social media channels to share the coverage, which was then shared by a number of brand followers, helping to support the program goal of growing fans and engagement in social media.

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