Lead Generation Enrollment Campaign for Online Graduate Gerontology Programs

UMass Gerontology Lead Generation Enrollment graphics
Lead Generation Enrollment Campaign for Online Graduate Gerontology Programs

The Challenge: Engage Prospective Students and Raise Awareness about UMass Boston’s 100% Online Gerontology Programs

Generate leads and raise awareness for UMass Boston’s 100% online MS in Aging Services and Graduate Certificate in Gerontology programs. The UMass Boston McCormack Graduate School’s Department of Gerontology retained Schneider Associates (SA) to educate prospective students about the field of Gerontology, articulate the quality of the graduate programs being offered and generate leads through digital marketing and the Department of Gerontology site (gerontology.umb.edu).

Our approach: Develop Integrated Marketing Campaign Based on Multiple Developed Personas featuring Website Redesign, Digital Ads, and Informational Print Material

SA developed an integrated marketing campaign with branded landing pages, info packet, brochures and digital ads used to promote UMass Gerontology program. In our discovery session, SA learned that many students in the program were career-changers who cared for an aging family member and discovered a new calling in the process. These students were typically older (40-60), female, and interested in making a positive change in senior care for families and communities. Based on this information, we determined strong, emotional creative would be the most effective approach to recruit people who had a passion for caring for the aging.

Additional campaign tactics:

  • Developed detailed personas to inform campaign targeting
  • Identified key statistics relating to gerontology and developed a messaging guide to communicate key benefits of MS and graduate certificate programs
  • Created advertising concepts, along with video for Facebook, LinkedIn and programmatic advertising
  • Utilized Facebook lead form ads to effectively generate leads
  • Designed and launched a landing page and custom URL to effectively capture traffic and leads
  • Created a full-color information packet brochure featuring recent photographs of students and professors
  • Produced videos for social media ads featuring faculty talking about the field of Gerontology and the increasing demand for senior care experts due to the aging “Baby Boomer” generation
  • Tested all campaign creative and adjusted budgets based on ad performance

The Results: Generated 74 Leads in Total for Both Gerontology Programs with Well Below Margin Costs in Digital Ads and Increased Website Traffic

  • Generated 74 leads in total: 32 for the MS in Management of Aging Services and 42 for the Graduate Certificate in Gerontology
  • Achieved a $47.59 cost per lead in Facebook ads, more than 50% below the graduate program benchmark of $120
  • Effectively increased traffic to the department website and interest in Gerontology programs