Lead Generation Enrollment Campaign for Online Graduate Gerontology Programs

Lead Generation Enrollment Campaign for Online Graduate Gerontology Programs

Situation Analysis

UMass Boston’s John W. McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies has one of the oldest Gerontology programs in the world and has graduated more PhDs than any other program. Backed by cutting edge scientific research from its Gerontology Institute, UMass Boston’s Gerontology programs are created and lead by instructors with real-world industry expertise and policy experience. UMass Boston retained Schneider Associates to generate leads and raise awareness for its 100% online MS in Aging Services and Graduate Certificate in Gerontology programs. These programs allow industry professionals and career-changers to secure the best education in Gerontology that is flexible, affordable and prepares them for management positions in the field.


  • Generate leads and interest in UMass Boston’s MS in Aging Services and Graduate Certificate in Gerontology 100% online programs.


In addition to describing the value of its Gerontology program to potential students, UMass needed to define what the study of Gerontology includes since the discipline is not widely-known. SA developed an integrated marketing campaign that combined several pieces of creative to present a cohesive look and feel for UMass’s Gerontology program. Designed to both educate the audience about the field of Gerontology and articulate the quality of the program offerings, the UMass campaign needed to capture the attention of adults with the desire to improve their professional status in the field.

The Approach

SA conducted a discovery session with UMass Boston to learn more about the benefits of the Gerontology program and build a plan for how to relay key messages to target audiences. SA interviewed students who had completed the program and discovered that, while many previous students came from the healthcare industry and were seeking to further their careers, many students in the program were career-changers who cared for an aging family member and discovered a new calling in the process. This information made it clear that strong, emotional creative would be the most effective approach to recruit people who had a passion for caring for the aging.

SA implemented the campaign in the following ways:

  • Developed personas to inform campaign targeting, focusing on two audiences: those who work in aging services and are seeking career advancement, or those who have cared for an aging family member and are now considering a career change.
  • Worked with the client to identify key statistics that would make a compelling case for a career in Gerontology, including the increased demand for aging service-related professionals, the growing senior population and the societal shifts towards aging-in-place vs. assisted living facilities.
  • Composed a message guide to communicate the key benefits of both the MS and graduate certificate programs.
  • Created advertising concepts, along with video for Facebook, LinkedIn and programmatic ad space.
  • Designed and launched a landing page and custom URL to effectively capture traffic and leads.
  • Created a full-color information packet brochure using specially-designed infographics and photos from the department’s most recent photography sessions.
  • Edited a series of videos to be leveraged as ads on social media.
  • Tested all campaign creative, regularly shifting budget to the ads that performed best.
  • Reported ad performance to the client, informing them that the career-changer-focused ads far outperformed all other ads, and that video ads were the most effective for generating leads.
  • Managed media budget to support these programs.


  • Generated 74 leads in total: 32 for the MS in Management of Aging Services and 42 for  the Graduate Certificate in Gerontology.
  • Achieved a $47.59 cost per lead in Facebook ads, more than 50% below the benchmark of $120.
  • Effectively increased traffic to the department website and interest in the programs.