Lead Generation and Enrollment Campaign for Newbury College

Lead Generation and Enrollment Campaign for Newbury College

Client: Newbury College

Situation Analysis:

Newbury College, founded in 1962 and based in Brookline, has a strong heritage in culinary arts degree and certificate programs, and is a well-known culinary school. Newbury is also a school with a tradition of experiential learning and consistent focus on paving the way for employment after graduation. 

In 2014, Newbury College sought to engage Schneider Associates to launch a marketing initiative that builds awareness and drives enrollment for the inaugural classes of its two hybrid online/classroom bachelor completion programs in business management and hospitality service and restaurant management, with the inaugural class to begin September 2015. The programs are approximately 22 months long with seven-week terms including two classes per term. The programs include one night per week on campus, as well as online learning modules.


  • Generate awareness of new Newbury College bachelor completion programs in business management and hospitality service and restaurant management among prospective student audiences
  • Drive enrollment of 10 students per program (20 total) between March and August, 2015

Strategies & Execution:

  • Developed content for Newbury College social media channels and took over community management duties
  • Acted as an extension of the on-campus marketing team, working together to get photos, video and campus news published to the social channels in a timely manner
  • Conducted an audit of the Bachelor Degree Completion Programs website pages to streamline content, add photos and write compelling copy
  • Developed a Bachelor Degree Completion Guide PDF brochure for interested students, and created gated landing pages that required prospective students to fill out a lead form before downloading
  • Developed a lead nurturing email campaign, drafting email copy, designing HTML emails and a comprehensive schedule to help usher leads down the path to enrollment with application tips, deadline reminders and campus and program informational content
  • Leveraged text message lead nurturing and real-time website chat functionality for interested students to be able to get updates and communicate with the admissions team anytime, anywhere
  • Created a programmatic digital advertising campaign with animated banner ads, Pandora radio ads and promoted Facebook content to generate leads by driving traffic to the program landing pages and brochure download
  • SA collaborated with a leading professional list rental company to supplement the campaign with a series of direct emails designed to activate prospective student audiences




Landing page:


SA’s launch campaign generated 98 meaningful leads from May 2015 – January 2016, resulting in the admittance and enrollment of 26 students across Newbury College’s bachelor degree completion programs in business management and hospitality and restaurant management from May 2015 – January 2016.

The text messaging component of the campaign exceeded expectations in popularity, with 126 prospective students opting into text conversations with Newbury College. The email nurturing and list outreach campaigns also contributed to the successful lead campaign, with open rates of 25-35% on every email and click through rates as high as 4.8%. Programmatic ads drove 2,774 people to the websites, emails drove 1,882 and a series of Pandora radio ads drove 899 unique visitors to the program pages.

SA was also able to grow the program Facebook page audience by more than 150% and drive significant engagement over the lifetime of the campaign. Similar results were seen on Twitter and Instagram. The social campaign components drove 1,776 unique visitors to the program pages.

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