Launching and Positioning a B2B Insurance Company as First Mover in the Ebola Insurance Space

Launching and Positioning a B2B Insurance Company as First Mover in the Ebola Insurance Space

Launching a New Insurance Product for Health Care and Law Enforcement

Client: Specialty Insurance Advisors

Situation Analysis:

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa quickly became the deadliest occurrence of the disease, with almost 10,000 confirmed deaths. The first case of the deadly virus to be diagnosed in the U.S. was announced when Thomas Eric Duncan, who contracted the virus in Liberia before traveling to the U.S., died in a Dallas hospital. Following Duncan’s death, Ebola remained a global news story for months as more U.S. cases were confirmed, leaving the world in fear of the disease’s spread.

Specialty Insurance Advisors, a B2B insurance company, chose to launch its new, first-of-its-kind insurance indemnity coverage, Essential Professional Insurance Coverage (EPIC), with an added Ebola benefit to its pre-existing Needle Stick and Workplace Violence coverage to protect healthcare and law enforcement workers in the event of accidental infection. Under the policy, insured persons would be paid up to a $200,000 lump sum if they suffered a workplace injury as a result of an assault or accidental infection. Because the added Ebola benefit coincided with the rapid spread of Ebola, Specialty Insurance Advisors turned to Schneider Associates (SA) to quickly and effectively market the launch of its new offering to local, regional, trade and national media. SA was tasked with demonstrating to the media how EPIC Insurance could protect healthcare workers and first responders from falling victim to the financial implications of contracting Ebola.


To build awareness about EPIC’s insurance offering, SA needed to develop a thorough media relations and influencer outreach program. The goal was to generate media coverage with national, regional and local media, as well as insurance and healthcare trade media, to relay how this insurance could protect healthcare workers, law enforcement and first responders.

Strategy & Execution:

The first step in SA’s launch campaign was to conduct an initial project intake with Specialty Insurance Advisors to thoroughly understand the different facets of its insurance offering, including how the coverage worked and what set it apart from other insurance policies. Because the news of the first American diagnosed with Ebola occurred in unison with the announcement of this new insurance, SA quickly and efficiently created a press release announcing the availability of the Ebola benefit to the existing Needle Stick and Workplace Violence coverage and distributed the press release over Business Wire.

Simultaneously, SA developed a comprehensive media list of national, regional, local, insurance and healthcare trade media. In addition to the press release, SA pitched national broadcast outlets, national insurance and healthcare outlets, and national and regional print outlets, focusing on the first-of-its-kind benefit and its timeliness for healthcare workers and first responders.

Measurement & Results:

SA successfully launched Specialty Insurance Advisors as thought leaders in the competitive insurance industry, highlighting the new Ebola benefit as an innovative and useful tool for healthcare workers and first responders vulnerable to the global Ebola crisis. Over the three-month launch campaign, SA secured 16 media placements in print, online, broadcast and trade outlets, both locally and nationally. National coverage included Reuters, Yahoo! News, and Fox Business Network’s The Willis Report. Locally, NECN also featured the story. National insurance and healthcare trade outlets covering the launch of the Ebola benefit included Insurance Business Review, Risk Management Monitor, Consumer Insurance Guide, and Impressions from the compiled media outreach totaled 132,597,993.

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