Innovative Content Marketing Program and Corporate Blog Relaunch for Higher Education Client, MIT Sloan’s Experts Blog

Innovative Content Marketing Program and Corporate Blog Relaunch for Higher Education Client, MIT Sloan’s Experts Blog

Client: MIT Sloan School of Management


  • Evaluate and relaunch the MIT Sloan Experts Blog platform.
  • Launch a Media Resource Center (MRC) as a platform where media can connect with MIT Sloan media relations staff and faculty 24/7.
  • Promote the MIT Sloan Experts Blog and the MRC content to the media.
  • Leverage a content-management system to easily facilitate content creation and promotion.
  • Generate increased traffic to the blog and its social media channels.
  • Leverage content marketing and relationship building to successfully reverse engineer the media relations process.MIT-emba_1

Strategies and Tactics:

  • Re design of the MIT Sloan Experts Blog to make it more visitor-friendly, including the addition of social sharing tools so journalists can blog, tweet and link posts to their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.
  • Optimize the search ranking of the blog and its content using best-in-class SEO strategies based on Google’s “Panda” update, which places more emphasis on the quality of the content, not the density of keywords.
  • Develop the new MRC, giving media several unique and easy options to connect with media relations staff and faculty experts, including the ability to send text messages to the media relations team to request an expert source on a breaking news story, submit story ideas confidentially via an email form and search the faculty directory by subject area.
  • Introduce the newly designed blog and MRC to reporters and media through a direct email outreach campaign, highlighting the unique features of the MRC, including innovative search tools and a dedicated media relations Twitter handle.
  • SA conducted  a detailed analysis of MIT faculty expertise and content areas to create a streamlined process for developing blog post ideas.
  • Facilitate the content creation process between the MIT Media Relations Team, professors and SA making it easy for busy faculty to respond to topic ideas with a quick blog post, video interview or both.
  • Share all blog content through the @MITSloanExperts Twitter handle, follow influential news outlets and reporters, tweet current news relevant to MIT Sloan’s areas of expertise and engage with Twitter followers to build a community on Twitter and position MIT Sloan as an accessible and expert source of responsive experts for the media.
  • Use tools, such as Google Analytics and SproutSocial, to measure volume and visitor patterns to pinpoint content strengths and weaknesses and adjust strategy.
  • Conduct follow up phone calls to members of the media to gauge their feedback and encourage them to visit the blog and follow the media relations team on Twitter.


  • The newly redesigned site features a clear link to the MRC and the SEO functionality of the site includes the careful choice of keywords for blog and video headings and tags.
  • SA streamlined the process with a well-organized content management system, working with the MIT Sloan media relations team to ensure a steady stream of fresh content that brings media to the site.
  • The SA team successfully conducted a direct email marketing campaign to more than 500 journalists at publications including the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, CNBC, Fox Business, Financial Times, USA Today that promoted the MRC and its unique features.
  • SA’s follow up phone calls to members of the media to gauge their feedback.
  • Feedback about the MRC was overwhelmingly positive, and the engagement on Twitter effectively built relationships with some of the most influential reporters in the country.
  • The SA team efforts have successfully reverse-engineered the media relations process for MIT Sloan. By using blog content that resonates with journalists’ editorial focus, SA has generated inbound media inquiries, produced high quality website traffic and enhanced social media engagement.
  • This new media magnet process helps “reel journalists in,” creating lasting connections enhancing the traditional media relations program.
  • Metrics for the first three months included:
    • 42.26 percent increase in visits to the MIT Sloan Experts Blog
    • 35.58 percent increase in page views of the MIT Sloan Experts Blog
    • 11.33 percent increase in average visit duration
    • 352.75 percent increase in visits to the MIT Sloan Experts Blog as a result of social media referrals
    • 224 new Twitter followers, including reporters from publications including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Reuters, Bloomberg News, as well as followers from many startup companies and influential technology companies, including Facebook

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