Enrollment Marketing Program for Bentley University’s New Online Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program

Enrollment Marketing Program for Bentley University’s New Online Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program

The Challenge: Build awareness and enrollment for Bentley University Online, Part-Time, Bachelor’s Completion Program in Business Administration

Bentley engaged Schneider Associates to build awareness for the new Online, Part-time, Bachelor’s Completion Program in Business Administration.

With only 10 weeks until classes began, Bentley reached out to SA to help enroll ten students for January 2016 and another 20+ students for August 2016. Bentley identified several audiences who would be a strong fit for the program, including returning military personnel, working parents and those who had completed an Associate’s degree but continued on in their careers without obtaining a Bachelor’s.

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Our approach: Developed an integrated marketing campaign through posting lead nurturing content, including blog posts, social media channel launches, Pandora video spots, and SMS messaging

Schneider Associates begins every integrated marketing and enrollment campaign with a deep dive into the program, potential market opportunity and individual personas (target applicants) who are a good fit for the program. In this case, the Bentley internal communications team had already developed an advertising campaign for the program. With only ten weeks until the initial cohort would begin, SA focused on creating targeted program assets for the digital marketing campaign, building out Bently’s Hubspot platform for posting nurturing content, developing a media strategy and jumpstarting lead generation.

Our program included:

  • Designing and developing a blog content page on the Hubspot platform
  • Transforming the advertising campaign designs into animated files for digital media
  • Planning the media budget and channel mix
  • Establishing and continually adjusting lead scoring criteria to better identify high-value prospects for the degree program and then using this data to produce stronger metrics
  • Developing an editorial calendar for nurturing content and producing all content including blog posts, emails and video
  • Launching program Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages to support content distribution and sponsored posts
  • Onboarding and leveraging a text messaging platform to facilitate candidate engagement
  • Conceptualizing, scripting and filming Pandora video advertising spots
  • Monitoring marketing and channel performance to optimize the campaign
  • Managing lead tracking and nurturing content distribution

Results: Schneider Associates redesigned and refined Bentley’s current marketing strategy and drove more than 600 prospective students to Bentley over 9 months with 10 enrolled students in January 2016 and 20 students in August 2016

  • SA’s integrated marketing and lead generation campaign drove more than 600 prospective students to Bentley over the course of 9 months
  • SA reached the target benchmark of 10 enrolled for January and 20 students for the August 2016 cohort, with other students opting to enroll in 2017 classes

Schneider Associates redesigned and refined the current marketing strategy by proposing a comprehensive persona development process to further define target audiences. SA revamped all creative assets and went to market with creative specific to the unique target audiences that we segmented by career path.

With the revamp of the assets and strategy, SA was able to drive enrollment of 15 students for the January 2017 term and 20+ students for the August 2017 term.