Collateral Design and Event Graphic Identity for Nonprofit Epilepsy Foundation of New England

Collateral Design and Event Graphic Identity for Nonprofit Epilepsy Foundation of New England

Situation Analysis

Roughly 75,000 New Englanders live with epilepsy. The Epilepsy Foundation New England (EFNE) aims to spread awareness about the disorder and create a support network for those it affects by providing a number of resources in addition to hosting multiple community events.

A member of the national Epilepsy Foundation of America, the New England chapter sought to revitalize its presence and re-establish its mission within the local communities it serves. EFNE outlined many immediate and long-term marketing and communications goals including developing assets to support EFNE’s annual gala. This annual event provided the opportunity to solidify the organization as a leader in the fight for those living with epilepsy. With only a few months to prepare for the gala, EFNE looked to Schneider Associates to develop new brand assets for the event.

EFNE also retained SA to assist in re-launching EFNE’s brand collateral and website in accordance with the overarching Epilepsy Foundation brand with new visually compelling and modern designs to support the organization’s marketing efforts long-term.


  • Support the launch of EFNE’s annual gala through the production of video and print collateral to be showcased at the event.
  • Re-launch EFNE’s brand assets to assist in building awareness for and advancing the organization’s image among key target audiences.


Annual Gala
Launching the project with a discovery session, SA learned that people who are affected by epilepsy strongly value the community that serves them and the support members provide to one another. SA determined this community aspect was the core of what EFNE stands for and made it the focus for the annual gala promotion.

SA’s goal was to form imagery and messaging that offers deeper insight into EFNE: the people behind the organization, its benefactors, the research that goes into epilepsy, the effort to raise awareness, and the emotional support the organization provides its members. The compelling creative would inspire the public to donate at the gala and support the organization going forward.

Marketing Collateral
Additional brand assets developed for EFNE beyond the gala needed to work together to create a unified visual theme based on EFNE’s existing logo to effectively communicate the organization’s mission and benefits to the local community long-term.


Annual Gala
For the annual gala, SA created visually compelling assets, incorporating the Epilepsy Foundation brand’s color palette in intricate designs fit for a sophisticated event. All collateral assets, including the main video that was featured during the gala, included photos from community events of its supporters. The video and print collateral were able to capture the essence of the organization in showcasing the people the EFNE helps every day and reminding those who attended the gala about the mission and benefits EFNE provides to its community.

SA designed a number of supporting materials for the gala, including:

  • Invitations
  • RSVP cards
  • A program booklet
  • Seven posters:
    • A welcome sign
    • A display of EFNE’s sponsors
    • Two displays of EFNE’s mission statement
    • A display thanking Sarajune Dagen, RN, for volunteering at EFNE’s summer camp
    • A display highlighting statistics on federal funding
    • A display featuring top statistics on epilepsy and those it affects
  • Graphics to promote the event on the EFNE website
  • Three video spots:
    • An emotional spot telling the story of EFNE’s benefactors
    • A fact-oriented spot giving an overview of EFNE
    • A slide show that was played during the gala, highlighting EFNE’s community members

Marketing Collateral

EFNE needed updated branding that would build support beyond the gala. After evaluating EFNE’s branding and marketing collateral, SA’s goal was to create a look that reflected the overarching Epilepsy Foundation brand and translate it across different media. For a visual theme, SA used three simple bars in the Epilepsy Foundation’s brand color palette and incorporated the logo mark as a watermark on revamped designs for letterhead, business cards, an annual report, presentation template and other collateral.

For EFNE’s updated corporate package, the deliverables included:

  • Business cards
  • A letterhead design
  • An annual report template
  • A presentation template
  • A notecard layout
  • A summer camp brochure
  • Stickers for fundraiser events

SA also reviewed the re-launch of EFNE’s website and conducted a design audit with strategic recommendations. EFNE later incorporated SA’s feedback into the website design and implemented the look of the new branding throughout the site.



With SA’s support for their 2016 annual gala, EFNE:

  • Attracted the highest record of donations
  • Helped tell the stories of people affected by epilepsy

With the re-launch of EFNE’s branding collateral, SA:

  • Revamped EFNE’s brand identity to be seen by people both inside and outside the organization
  • Contributed to the redesign of EFNE’s website, extending EFNE’s brand presence while streamlining navigation

The new updated designs enabled the organization to generate attention for its community outreach events such as summer camps, information sessions, and charitable walks. The attention garnered by the new brand helped EFNE engage its community and effectively contribute to its goal of increasing epilepsy awareness.