Consumer Survey and Local Market “Rodent Risk Report” Media Relations Campaign

Consumer Survey and Local Market “Rodent Risk Report” Media Relations Campaign

Client: Reckitt Benckiser’s d-CON brand

Project: 2010 d-CON Consumer Survey and Local Market “Rodent Risk Report” Media Relations Campaign


  • Leverage visibility for d-CON and raise awareness of the brand’s leadership positioning in the industry during peak rodent season and National Rodent Prevention Month in October.
  • Pitch the media to generate news about d-CON and rodent prevention, a topic the media generally shies away from covering.
  • Survey residents in Boston, Atlanta, New York City and Chicago to determine which local neighborhoods they perceived as the rattiest and garner local and national media coverage of the results.
  • Educate consumers by including in the media relations campaign information about resources on the d-CON website to help consumers manage rodent problems.


  • Breaking through the “ick-factor” to reach the rodent phobic media.
  • Leveraging the results of the 2009 “Rodent Risk Report” in a media relations program to garner coverage during National Rodent Prevention Month.
  • Creating national and regional brand awareness in the top four “rattiest city” media markets: New York, Atlanta, Chicago and Boston.

Winning strategies

  • Partnered with Sentient Decision Science, and timed the consumer survey and media outreach to generate awareness during October 2010, leveraging peak rodent season and National Rodent Prevention Month.
  • Targeted residents in each of the four “rattiest” U.S. cities with the survey to reveal compelling resident perceptions and behavior when faced with rodents (questions included frequency of neighborhood and home rodent sightings and what types of household pests they feared most).
  • Incorporated the marketing tagline “Get Out!” from the d-CON advertising program to generate additional brand awareness and provided editors with educational tools and tips that could be accessed on the d-CON website.
  • Conducted a satellite media tour in key markets to help generate awareness of National Rodent Prevention Month and the d-CON brand, providing tips to consumers on how to deal with infestations during peak season to help drive traffic to hardware and home centers, as well as to the d-CON website.


  • Resulted in 74 million impressions in just six weeks during the targeted peak rodent season in October and November.
  • Through our media relations campaign, received national coverage in USA Today and on andCBS Early Show, as well as regional coverage in Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News and other major regional outlets.
  • Spurred a notable increase in traffic to the d-Con website during October and November.
  • Engaged consumers across the country to talk about dealing with rodent issues and helped raise brand awareness of d-CON as a key expert and resource in its category.

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