Creating a Digital Brand, Online Community and Content Marketing Campaign for Culinary Program

Creating a Digital Brand, Online Community and Content Marketing Campaign for Culinary Program

Dishing out Social Engagement for Culinard

Client: Virginia College Culinard

Situation Analysis:

Virginia College recruited Schneider Associates (SA) to help increase its Culianrd program’s online community and drive digital engagement across the four VC partner restaurants: Kitchen on Cary in Richmond, Virginia, Kitchen on George in Mobile, Alabama, Kitchen at Union Square in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Century Restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama. The campaign’s primary goal was to create a cohesive digital brand and online community for all the restaurants while driving awareness of Virginia College’s hands-on culinary degree program.kitchen5


  • Expand the use of social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter, to strengthen online communities, create awareness and drive leads to the Virginia College Culinard program, and drive new customers to each of the individual restaurants.
  • Launch a digital brand through a strategic social media and content marketing campaign to accelerate online awareness and motivate residents and students to refer others to the restaurants and the Culinard program.
  • Create an extensive community management playbook to develop and strengthen the relationships between current and potential Virginia College Culinard students.
  • Train Culinard staff to manage their Facebook page and Twitter accounts through two interactive Webex sessions.
  • Initiate lead generation by driving social media traffic back to Virginia College’s Culinard program landing pages to generate enrollment.

DSC_0090Strategy and Execution:

  • Created Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for each of the restaurants.
  • Developed monthly publishing calendars for all social media properties for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Created a balance between content specific to the restaurants (menu offerings, hours, catering, etc.) as well as informational content relating to Virginia College’s Culinard program in the monthly publishing calendar.
  • Acted as administrators and community managers on all social media channels, fielding questions, comments and concerns and reporting issues as needed.
  • Followed local brands and companies related to each individual restaurant location to build a follower base and drive local engagement.
  • Identified landing pages for each program and drove traffic to the various restaurant websites through daily social media content.
  • Tracked all inbound links that drove to enrollment and program landing pages and volumized how many impressions created leads through social media efforts.IMG_4674

Measurement and Results:

  • Over the course of 18 months, SA was able to successfully build a digital brand and online communities for each of the four restaurants as well as the Virginia College Culinard program.
  • Each month, our efforts resulted in 1.75 million social media impressions for the brand, and reached over 2,575 unique social media users.
  • During SA’s engagement, the social media presence for Virginia College’s Culinard programs grew 255%.

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