Creating a Digital Brand and Content Marketing Campaign to Impact Enrollment for a Renewable Energy and Management Education Institute

Creating a Digital Brand and Content Marketing Campaign to Impact Enrollment for a Renewable Energy and Management Education Institute

Building a Sustainable Brand for Ecotech Insitute

Client: Ecotech Insitute

Situation Analysis:

Ecotech Institute retained Schneider Associates (SA) to help build a distinctive digital brand and online community for the College. Located in Denver, Colorado, Ecotech Institute aimed to position itself as a one-of-a kind option for students looking for hands-on experience in the renewable energy industry.

SA developed a social media and content marketing strategy, guided by direction from the faculty, the college special events planning team and public relations department. Our program was designed to increase the visibility and uniqueness of the Ecotech Institute brand through social media, as well as create active online communities to deepen engagement with students and activate them to refer their friends, family and colleagues for enrollment leads.


  • Expand the use of social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter, to strengthen online communities, foster engagement with current and potential students, while fostering enrollment leads.
  • Motivate current students through real-time engagement to refer their peers for enrollment inquiries.
  • Create an extensive community management playbook to develop and strengthen the relationships between current and potential Ecotech Institute students.
  • Promote the College’s involvement in the community and throughout the renewable energy industry through social media storytelling.

Strategy and Execution:

  • Developed and enhanced Facebook page and Twitter account for Ecotech Institute with creative content and editorial assets, while leveraging weekly campus content.
  • Developed monthly publishing calendars for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Created a balance between informational content in the monthly publishing calendar relating to Ecotech Institute programs as well as content specific to lead-capture.
  • Worked with Ecotech Institute to activate faculty, staff and students on the campus to increase the volume of local content, from specific campus events to classroom participation.
  • Acted as administrators and community managers on all social media channels, fielding student questions, comments and concerns and reporting issues as needed.
  • Followed local brands, companies and thought leaders related to each individual renewable energy program to build the follower base and drive local engagement.
  • Identified landing pages for each program and drove traffic to the Ecotech Institute website through daily social media content.
  • Shared unique Ecotech Institute blog content across social media channels and drove traffic to the College’s official blog.
  • Tracked all inbound links that drove to enrollment and program landing pages and followed how many impressions translated into leads through social media efforts.
  • Socialized traditional and online media coverage of the College across all social media channels to publicize community and industry involvement.

Measurement and Results:

  • Over the course of 18 months, SA was able to successfully build a digital brand and online community by activating Ecotech Institute’s social media channels.
  • Each month our efforts created 2.45 million social media impressions for the brand, reached over 4,300 unique social media users and became the third highest source of unique referral traffic to the College’s website.
  • During our engagement, Ecotech Institute’s social media presence grew more than 175 percent, with a quarterly growth rate of nearly 25 percent.

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