Creating a Content Hub and a Member Engagement Strategy for an Education Consortium

Creating a Content Hub and a Member Engagement Strategy for an Education Consortium

Client: UNICON Global Consortium for University-Based Executive Education

Situation Analysis:

UNICON is a global network of professionals from business school executive education programs that come together to share ideas, insights, research, discuss trends and implement best practices. The organization was experiencing tremendous membership growth, yet, had an outdated website and needed a strategy to improve online engagement. SA developed a new logo that more accurately depicted UNICON’s position as the global leader in executive education. Additionally, UNICON engaged SA to develop a user-friendly website that would become a hub of engagement for members. Lastly, UNICON asked SA to relaunch the organization’s social media presence so that it would create an exchange of ideas, insights and research between members.

A major goal of the website was to develop a hub that aggregates and distributes valuable information to members such conferences and events, research papers, job postings, thought leadership articles and news. The new website required a complete reorganization of the existing site navigation and restructuring of the member portal system. The new branding and website needed to solidify UNICON as a vital global resource to business schools so that UNICON retained its position as being at the forefront of the executive education industry. The social media effort had to be timely, active and useful for members to participate regularly.


  1. Re-launch UNICON’s identity in the form of a new logo and branding that reflects UNICON’s position in university-based executive education.
  2. Redesign UNICON’s website to provide a clean and seamless user-experience that is both visually compelling and able to be viewed on all devices and platforms.
  3. Bring uniformity and organization to UNICON’s digital resources through the development of a system that aggregated and distributed content seamlessly as well as shared events, job postings and news.
  4. Relaunch UNICON’s social media channels to drive member engagement and information exchanges.

Strategies and Execution:

SA audited the existing brand and website and conducted a 360-degree discovery process to explore the beliefs, practices and differentiators that made UNICON unique. To begin the creative process, SA developed a custom logo, font and color palette to reinvigorate the UNICON brand. SA used the new branding as a basis for the look and feel of the new website and graphically revamped social media channels.

SA then conceptualized an improved, streamlined new site map to help guide and enhance the user experience (UX) in an adaptive design.

SA developed a website that:

  • Features a Content Hub that acts as a content aggregator for all content submitted both by UNICON and its members, including but not limited to: conference updates, event details and registrations, UNICON board updates, news and thought leadership pieces that demonstrate the expertise of UNICON and its members as well as to keep members constantly engaged.
  • Offers a Member Directory where all members are highlighted on individual site pages and are searchable through a geographic map display, regional listings, and school name and keyword search.
  • Provides resources on available job postings as well as board member and committee information to keep members and nonmembers informed on UNICON benefits and opportunities.
  • Integrates UNICON event registration through an online event calendar display used throughout the site.
  • Includes a revamped newsletter format that is automatically updated to highlight UNICON events, news and Content Hub posts to engage members.
  • Encourages users to connect with UNICON social media channels, offering further engagement with UNICON and its content.
  • Showcases UNICON photography and video content to enhance the modern look and feel of the site and the UNICON brand.
  • Highlights a photo gallery that displays imagery from UNICON events and member institutions with the ability to tag member photos that can easily appear on individual member pages. Photos are searchable by keyword, location and event and are shareable through social media channels.
  • Incorporates customized layouts for UNICON committees, which provide individual benefits to members, including highlighting specific committee events, board members, missions and other downloadable resources.

To expand upon UNICON’s redesigned identity, SA conducted an audit of UNICON’s digital presence to identify a process for integrating the redesigned social media channels into the new brand and website. SA developed a system of generating regular content about UNICON events and insights in executive education to drive engagement among target audiences. The re-launched social media channels were designed to:

  • Build awareness for and advance the brand image of UNICON nationally and internationally.
  • Increase visibility for UNICON among key target audiences in higher education.
  • Position UNICON’s executives and key members as thought leaders.
  • Increase membership engagement through online channels.

Measurement & Results

The website has become the genesis of the UNICON content ecosystem: which is more than a resource, it’s a connection tool for members and thought leadership content. The new branding, website and revamped social media channels:

  • Successfully re-designed and re-launched a new brand identity for UNICON to establish its global leadership in executive education.
  • Created a streamlined experience for users to share UNICON events, research papers, job listings, photos and other resources the organization provides to its members.
  • Designed a digital portal for sharing valuable resources and promoting UNICON resources and benefits through social media channels.
  • Highlighted UNICON’s broad base of international members to establish the influence of its global network.
  • Resulted in an improved website navigation, design and member satisfaction.
  • Provided the ability for the website to be viewed on multiple devices.
  • Increased website traffic volume and quality.
  • Created more active engagement opportunities for members to share insights, ideas and thought leadership content.

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