Consumer PR, Social Media and Blogger Campaign to Support a Children’s CPG Product Launch

Consumer PR, Social Media and Blogger Campaign to Support a Children’s CPG Product Launch

Squeezing Every Last Bit Out of New Toothpaste Launch

Client: Sunstar Americas, Inc.

690960Situation Analysis:

Sunstar Americas, Inc. is a member of the Sunstar Group of companies, a global organization headquartered in Switzerland that serves oral health care professionals and consumers in 90 countries. Sunstar’s mission is to enhance the health and well-being of people everywhere via its four business areas: mouth and body, health and beauty, healthy home, safety and technology. Sunstar’s oral care brand GUM® added its first children’s toothpaste, GUM® CrayolaTM Squeeze-A-ColorTM Toothpaste, to the existing line of GUM® CrayolaTM toothbrushes and flossers. A study conducted by Sunstar Americas and Sentient Decision Science found that 72 percent of parents argue with their children about tooth brushing at least once a week, demonstrating the need for a toothpaste designed to make brushing a fun and interesting activity for children. Sunstar partnered with Schneider Associates (SA) for the CPG product launch of GUM® CrayolaTM Squeeze-A-ColorTM Toothpaste to generate significant media coverage, and educate parents about the benefits of using toothpaste that kids are excited about to help end the daily brushing struggle.


To launch GUM® CrayolaTM Squeeze-A-ColorTM Toothpaste to the media and consumers, Sunstar tasked SA with developing an integrated marketing and public relations campaign to position the toothpaste as the perfect product to spark creativity with each brush.

Campaign objectives included:

  • Position GUM® CrayolaTM Squeeze-A-ColorTM Toothpaste as a fun, creative and effective brushing experience for children and parents.
  • Raise visibility for GUM® CrayolaTM Squeeze-A-ColorTM Toothpaste through a targeted national sampling program to place the product into the hands of parents and children.
  • Educate media, parents, teachers and children about the benefits of creating a brushing experience kids will enjoy.Crayola-tubes-2

Strategy & Execution:

SA is known for successfully launching and accelerating visibility for new products, services, companies, organizations and communities. In addition to the existing data validating the difficult time parents have getting kids to brush, we also knew the launch of GUM® CrayolaTM Squeeze-A-ColorTM Toothpaste would require strategic placement of the product at major retailers, consumer testimonials to prove the product was effective in enticing children to brush their teeth, and an expert spokesperson to provide third-party credibility. To meet the program’s objectives, SA developed a campaign plan designed around the following key strategies:

 Retail and Trade Outreach

SA knew that to generate consumer awareness for GUM® CrayolaTM Squeeze-A-ColorTM Toothpaste, the product must be readily available at major retailers such as Target, CVS and Kroger. SA designed a sales kit to display the full line of GUM® CrayolaTM products in a fun and creative way to support retailer meetings. Then SA repurposed the sales kit to use with the media and sent it out to key retail and trade publications accompanied by a pitch letter announcing the launch of the toothpaste.

Sampling Opportunities

With over 30,000 different grocery products, trial size sampling is one of the few ways to guarantee consumer brand consideration. SA spearheaded two large-scale national sampling programs that placed GUM® CrayolaTM Squeeze-A-ColorTM Toothpaste directly into the hands of moms, the brand’s key demographic. These two national sampling programs included:

SA activated Mommies Clique, its online network of social media-savvy moms and mommy bloggers from across the country. These participants review the latest children’s products to provide feedback and voice their opinions. SA distributed GUM® CrayolaTM Squeeze-A-ColorTM Toothpaste to Mommies Clique members and encouraged them to share their opinions with other moms within the private Mommies Clique portal. Additionally, SA sent out 700 surveys to gain insight about how children and parents responded to the product, and assigned a series of activities such as writing reviews about the product on the GUM® website to Mommies Clique members who gave the product high survey ratings. SA also partnered with Handit2 Network, a lead product sampling agency, to increase awareness among moms for GUM® CrayolaTM Squeeze-A-ColorTM Toothpaste. This partnership facilitated the distribution of samples and coupons to 250 daycare centers across the country.

Consumer Launch

Finding the right spokesperson was a key component to the campaign’s success. Expert spokespeople provide third-party credibility and help attract media attention. SA conducted extensive research to identity the best spokesperson for the title of GUM® CrayolaTM Parenting Expert. SA researched top U.S. pediatricians, pediatric dentists, child psychologists and parenting experts and focused on selecting candidates with strong media experience or those who were regular contributors to print or broadcast outlets. After much consideration, SA and Sunstar agreed that Tammy Gold, parenting expert and founder of Gold Parenting Coach, was the perfect spokesperson for the brand and could provide media and consumers with parenting tips as well as promote the launch of GUM® CrayolaTM Squeeze-A-ColorTM Toothpaste.

SA identified national print media targets and developed tailored pitch letters including Gold’s parenting tips to help kids get excited about brushing their teeth. SA concurrently developed pitches to secure broadcast segments featuring Gold talking about GUM® CrayolaTM Squeeze-A-ColorTM Toothpaste.

SA also leveraged Gold’s and Sunstar’s large social media presence to host a Twitter chat, enabling consumers to communicate directly with Gold to obtain expert parenting advice, such as how to make daily routines like teeth brushing fun and creative. The Twitter chat trended nationally during the hour time frame for 43 minutes and resulted in over 10.6 million impressions.

Measurement & Results:

Over the course of the campaign, SA generated more than 343 million media impressions from broadcast, print and blog coverage. Some of the key highlights include:

  • 18 placements in retail and trade publications including, Mass Market Retailers.
  • 20 placements on top parenting mommy blogs including, A Mom’s Point of View and Our Ordinary Life.
  • National placement on the Daily Buzz morning segment.
  • Interview with the health editor at Parents Magazine for an upcoming issue.

Additionally, as a result of the sampling programs, the product received invaluable consumer testimonials including:

“We’ve distributed many samples to parents over the years, but none created such interest and excitement like Crayola Toothpaste.”
“Parents loved it. They are asking for more and where to buy it.”
“Kids are brushing their teeth longer. Parents also said they loved the taste.”
“The parents said it tasted so good that the children seemed to want to keep brushing their teeth over and over.”
SA and Sunstar measured the value of the campaign according to these benchmarks:

  • Introduced Sunstar to more than 250 media and mommy bloggers who were unfamiliar with GUM® CrayolaTM brand.
  • Offered GUM® CrayolaTM Squeeze-A-ColorTM Toothpaste directly to target audience of approximately 25,000 moms.
  • Generated the equivalent of more than $3 million in advertising dollars throughout the campaign Development of creative sales kit generated interest and sales from key retailers (CVS, Kroger, Target).
  • Partnership with parenting expert Tammy Gold helped establish trust in GUM® Crayola as a dependable children’s brand.

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