Consumer Media Relations & PR Campaign for a National Insect Eliminator Product

Consumer Media Relations & PR Campaign for a National Insect Eliminator Product

Generating Buzz for Insect Prevention

Client: Dynatrap

Situation Analysis: 

Launched in 2006, the Dynatrap® brand introduced consumers to its original insect trap, the DT1000, designed to provide an alternative to expensive propane traps. Since then, Dynatrap® has continued to introduce new and innovative ways to keep backyards and homes insect free with 12 versatile models for outdoor and indoor use. All Dynatrap® models catch mosquitoes and other flying insects without adding harmful chemicals to the environment, a unique design feature that sets the brand apart from competitors. Dynatrap® products are easy to set-up, low maintenance, do not use propane or gas and provide an easy option for protection against insects that can transmit deadly diseases.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) declared 2012 as the deadliest West Nile virus season in history, with a total number of 5,674 cases and 286 deaths across the nation. Because so many consumers turn to low cost, ineffective insect prevention methods such as citronella candles and tiki torches, Dynatrap® viewed the months leading up to the summer season (West Nile virus cases typically peak in August) as the opportune time to educate consumers about how to effectively protect themselves from potentially deadly insect bites. Dynatrap® enlisted Schneider Associates (SA) to generate media coverage and educate consumers about the benefits of using Dynatrap® products as an effective insect prevention method.11034220_807215116021571_3653975328230576714_n

Program Objectives:

Dynatrap® and SA sought to generate consumer awareness through a national and regional media relations campaign to drive product trials, encourage reviews and demonstrate Dynatrap’s efficacy and unique point of difference. SA also targeted top national print and online parenting, home, men’s interest, women’s interest, lifestyle and outdoor living outlets as well as local broadcast, newspapers and blogs in key markets where West Nile virus outbreaks were high. The following objectives were outlined for the campaign:

  • Position Dynatrap® as a leader in flying insect traps.
  • Raise awareness for Dynatrap® and educate consumers about the effectiveness of these products as well as their environmental benefits.
  • Drive sales with Dynatrap® retailers and/or on brand website.

Strategy & Execution:

To generate awareness about the West Nile virus epidemic across the country, SA developed a multi-pronged national and regional media relations campaign, focusing on high-risk markets such as the southern and mid-western regions of the U.S. SA developed a targeted media list by conducting extensive research into past coverage on mosquito and bug prevention. SA developed pitches that highlighted the startling statistics about the dangers of West Nile virus, provided information about Dynatrap® and invited the media to test the product themselves. The pitch letter was sent to the full media list accompanied by a sample of the Dynatrap® DT1100.

Additionally, SA worked to uncover and disseminate information about West Nile virus statistics in key local markets by developing customized pitches demonstrating how many people were affected by the virus regionally. We provided tips about what residents should do to protect themselves against the virus, such as keeping the yard tidy, changing outdoor bulbs and introducing Dynatrap® products. SA followed up with all media to establish their interest in the story by discussing the alarming threat West Nile virus poses to Americans, and always offered a sample of the product to try in their backyards. SA coordinated and staffed multiple interviews between editors, reporters, producers and Dynatrap® executives. Following all interviews, SA worked with the media to ensure the dissemination of key messaging, as well as the incorporation of video footage and product imagery.

Measurement & Results: 

As a result of SA’s efforts, Dynatrap® products were featured in multiple national and regional top tier newspapers, news segments, magazines and blogs. SA succeeded in positioning the brand as a must-have product that protects from the risk of insect-borne diseases, while also helping consumers to enjoy their outdoor space during peak mosquito season. Dynatrap product features ran on the following websites, print publications, and news segments among others:

  • Men’s Health
  • Fox DC
  • Houston Chronicle
  • KATV – Arkansas
  • Pix 11
  • San Diego Union Tribune
  • St. Louis Post Dispatch
  • State-by-State Gardening
  • WCCB – Charlotte

In four months (April to July), and just in time for bug season, the campaign generated more than 135 million media impressions, successfully emphasizing the need for consumers around the country to introduce Dynatrap® into their insect prevention strategy. All key messaging referenced the unique design of Dynatrap® products, positioning the brand as an environmentally friendly alternative that is also highly effective. Additionally, the overall campaign was extremely effective from a sales perspective, leading the brand to cite 2013 as one of its most successful years to date.

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