Integrated Marketing and Lead Generation Campaign for Berkshire Choral International

Integrated Marketing and Lead Generation Campaign for Berkshire Choral International

The Challenge: Attract a new generation of choristers to bring new faces and voices into the fold

Berkshire Choral International (BCI) tasked SA with recruiting consumers aged 40 to 65 who were empty nesters and retirees with disposable incomes, older vacationers with musical experience, and church choir members across the country. These new members would contribute their participation and passion to this not-for-profit educational institution and help strengthen its fierce and loyal audience base.

SA outlined the following objectives for attracting new members:

  • Promote BCI’s 2017 sessions to attract new participants by building awareness, website traffic, leads, and applications.
  • Position BCI as the premiere “dream choral experience” to raise awareness of its unique offerings.
  • Advertise in both digital and traditional channels to reach older consumers with an existing interest in music and singing.
  • Use social media channels to promote BCI and generate leads with both young and old music lovers.
  • Develop content that appeals to a younger demographic to engage them in applying.

Our Approach: SA worked with BCI to further build its brand identity and develop on-site content, coupled with an integrated marketing strategy, to foster lead generation

  • Redesigned BCI’s homepage to prioritize important information and format links and photos consistently.
  • Added social media links to every page of website to encourage cross-media engagement.
  • Added an “Apply” button directly under the program information on BCI’s website to create a quick and easy route for interested users to sign up.
  • Designed a form-gated downloadable info packet to provide an overview of the BCI program and incentivize lead capture.
  • Developed a blog to host nurturing content such as video interviews while also providing information on news and events related to BCI.
  • Launched banner and email campaigns to attract interest that lead to an increased number of applications.
  • Produced several videos to use in paid and organic social media posts.
  • Wrote sponsored posts on Facebook to recruit both singers and audience members along with linking directly to the info packet download and the BCI website.

The Results: BCI, through a successful integrated marketing and lead generation campaign, increased its exposure and program participation.

  • Generated 1,330 total leads; 1157 of which were new to BCI with no previous exposure to the organization.
  • Attracted 77 new applicants; 56 that could be directly associated with our marketing efforts.
  • Engaged 70 of 311 alumni members in the marketing emails.
  • Reached a lead conversion rate of 10% while opening conversations with potential attendees about enrolling over the next 2 to 3 years.
  • Generated 44,732 sessions on the BCI homepage from June to December 2016, of which 31,263 came from new visitors.
  • Generated 3,365,879 impressions and 60,256 post engagements on Facebook from April 2016 to January 2017 (a 2000% increase from the previous year) along with 34,784 link clicks (a 5,000% increase).
  • Gained 5,547 new fans on Facebook between April 2016 and January, a 232 % increase over the previous year.