Home Improvement Editor Mailer “DIY Toolkit” and Media Relations Campaign

Home Improvement Editor Mailer “DIY Toolkit” and Media Relations Campaign

Client: Bondera TileMatSet / Grace Construction Products

Project: Bondera Editor Mailer “DIY Toolkit” and Media Relations Campaign


  • Develop a creative mailer that educates media on the benefits of this revolutionary new tiling technology to generate coverage.
  • Design the piece so media can easily test the product and eliminate the need to send a large, expensive, full-size sample.

bondera-82_140Strategies and Tactics

  • Developed several concepts for the editor mailer and reviewed a variety of suggestions with the W.R. Grace Construction Products Division.
  • Created the Bondera Tiling Toolkit editor mailer, which included a 10” x 10” wooden box with product branding on the top – the lid of the box is removable and has a 4” x 4” square of Bondera adhered to the inside.
  • The box also held miniature tiles, detailed and easy-to-follow instructions outlining how to tile the lid with Bondera to create a do-it-yourself tiled wooden box to store stationery or other items, and held Bondera press materials – a press release, benefits sheet, product backgrounder and FAQs (The press materials were formatted to a 10” x 10” size to fit within the box, and were printed on 120 lb. silk cardstock to coordinate with the durability of the wooden mailer).
  • Sent out press kits to 75 members of the media, including target contacts at top national and regional outlets, bloggers, plus top influencers in the DIY, home improvement, and remodeling industries.


  • Received very positive feedback and multiple inquiries from media after receiving the kit.
  • The Bondera Tiling Toolkit helped generate coverage in The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Better Homes & Gardens and multiple other DIY and home improvement outlets.
  • The toolkit garnered more than 90 million impressions in 2010, and provided a level of education that is difficult to achieve with media over the phone.
  • The media relations kit was not only memorable, but highly engaging and educational.
  • Even more than one year later, SA still continues to hear from media who have the toolkit sitting prominently on their desks.
  • Some reporters even wrote stories about the Toolkit mailer itself, such as the editor for the top DIY blog, Charles and Hudson.

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