New Product: Nintendo Wii Fit

New Product: Nintendo Wii Fit

Nintendo has been on the cutting edge of creative gaming since the launch of the Wii and they have taken it one step further with the release of Wii fit. The Fit is an interactive game aimed to help the user reach a higher level of healthy living. In the United States the game sold out immediately after its release on May 19, and has not been found anywhere since. Nintendo recorded a high amount of sales in Japan and Europe as well, but nobody expected such a strong response in the States.


Apparently, the Fit is exactly what Americans need to stay in shape. The game replaces the trip to the gym and packed yoga classes by offering an interactive experiencewith the use of the Wii Balance Board. The game features virtual trainers who lead users through balance, yoga, aerobic and strength-training workouts.


The game has seen some controversy since coming off the shelves, as it calls certain users “overweight.” And while I am sure that this is true in some cases, no one wants to hear a video game tell them that they are unhealthy, especially when it cost them $90.


Despite the possibility of negative press for the game, Nintendo has certainly hit the jackpot with this release. It is the only game of its kind and it aims toward a healthier life style, which is a serious concern for many Americans. As the country attempts to become more health conscious, Nintendo has responded appropriately with the Fit. Maybe, next, we will see a “Go Green” video game where the user can focus on developing a more environmentally friendly life for him/her self.

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