Launch Insight: Consumers Want to Buy American

Launch Insight: Consumers Want to Buy American

Every week, we’ll be bringing you an insight from our 2016 Most Memorable New Product Launch (MMNPL) Survey eBook. We’re breaking down our data and letting you know what the trends, behaviors and learnings we’ve gained from the survey. Download the full ebook below.

Ever since we began asking consumers what features influence their decision to try or buy a new product, two attributes have consistently scored highest.

Having a trusted brand name and being “Made in the U.S.A.” are the two most influential factors when it comes to consumers buying new products.


Chart and data from our MMNPL partner Sentient Decision Science

It’s easy to see why these two product attributes are so influential. Consumers want a good-quality product. But how can you know if a product is good quality when it’s brand new?

A trusted brand name goes a long way. Consumers know that if they enjoy other products from that brand, they’re likely to enjoy a new product as well. But “trusted” is a bit more complicated. We all have brands we trust—brand whose products or services are enjoyable and of consistently good quality. Maybe we love the company’s customer service so trying a new product isn’t much of a risk. In her Harvard Business Review article “Why Most Product Launches Fail,” Joan Schneider identified that if a “company can’t support fast growth” and “the product falls short of claims and gets bashed” as the two most common reasons most product launches are not successful. Brands need to have good customer service, a steady supply chain, products that deliver on their promises and consistent product quality in order to be successful.”

American manufacturing has a global reputation as the gold-standard for quality. “Made in the U.S.A” is more than just the country of origin. It means the product was manufactured in a clean, safe and well-run factory. It means that the workers were paid a decent wage and are proud of the products they created. It makes consumers feel good to buy a product that was made in America. It both gives them trust in the quality and the confidence that their money is supporting the economy and their country. We also think candidate Trump’s Make America Great Again campaign slogan and his talk of how off-shore trade deals are hurting the economy reinforced the importance of “Made in America” in 2016.

But what’s most compelling about these two factors is that they can’t be faked. You can’t build a trusted brand name on a house of cards and you can’t stamp your products “Made in the U.S.A.” unless they were actually made here. Smart marketers will spend their time building a trusted brand name. And if your product is made in America? Tell people! They want to know

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