Launch Insight: Consumers Are More Likely to Adopt New Food Products

Launch Insight: Consumers Are More Likely to Adopt New Food Products

Every week, we’ll be bringing you an insight from our 2016 Most Memorable New Product Launch (MMNPL) Survey eBook. We’re breaking down our data and letting you know what the trends, behaviors and learnings we’ve gained from the survey. Download the full ebook below.

A combination of winning innovation and extensive couponing and sampling campaigns show why these 2016 food product launches were so memorable. The adoption rate for these new food products is consistently high across the board.

When you try a product because you received a coupon or free sample, you’re going to remember that product. Technology products typically lag in product adoption rate even though they lead in awareness because they tend to be more expensive. New tech products are also usually not promoted with a discount, except on big shopping days like Black Friday. The low price point of food items, coupled with coupons or a free sample provides consumers with the perfect low-risk trial scenario. The worst that could happen is that the food doesn’t taste good.

Food has appeal and accessibility far beyond early-adopters and tech geeks. Everyone needs to eat, but not everyone needs a new tablet. You don’t need to spend any time setting up a pizza before you eat it. Crackers don’t need WiFi to work and a burrito doesn’t need to synch with your other devices before you know if it’s good or not. This low-commitment, small-reward decision is easy to make.

The lesson for marketers here is: if you give people an easy and low-risk way to try your product, they’re more likely to buy it. If you can’t just offer the traditional free sample or coupon, experiential marketing will be able to showcase your new product in a way that lets consumers see first-hand what its benefits are. Tesla does this by having its showrooms in malls or test drive opportunities at popular events– consumers can experience a Tesla without having to go out of their way or commit to buying one.

At SA, we’ve worked with sampling networks and bloggers for couponing and free sampling campaigns. We leverage the influence of the bloggers by partnering with them for Twitter chats or sponsored posts. Each chat or post includes a chance to win free samples, along with a discount code or downloadable coupon for the product. We also encourage the winners to post pictures and reviews of their prize packages to make the engagements as valuable as possible.

These campaigns are highly successful for raising awareness of a new product and driving sales. The combination of the trusted word of the blogger and the incentive of the coupon or free sample is a compelling message for your target customer.



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