Boston and Vancouver PR Partners “Face Off” Over Stanley Cup

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Boston and Vancouver PR Partners “Face Off” Over Stanley Cup

BOSTON, MA  / VANCOUVER, CANADA  (June 3, 2011): As partners in the Worldcom Public Relations Group, which unites 107 top PR firms in 91 countries around the world, both Schneider Associates in Boston and the Pace Group in Vancouver, Canada see eye-to-eye on almost everything. 

However that changed overnight, after the Vancouver Canucks took game one of the NHL Stanley Cup final with a 1-0 win over the Boston Bruins.  Although Worldcom members always work as a team to provide professional services around the world, the staff at Schneider Associates  and the Pace Group have found themselves  “agreeing to disagree” on who will bring home the cup. 

“There is good reason they call Boston Titletown,” said Joan Schneider, President and Creative Director for Schneider Associates. “The only other thing we are better at than winning world championships is holding ticker tape rolling rallies downtown each year,” said Ms. Schneider, referring to the New England Patriots’ three recent NFL world championships (2001, 2003, 2004), the Red Sox’s two World Series victories (2004 and 2007) and the Boston Celtics’ return to glory as NBA champs in 2007. “The Bruins will be next in line to join its Boston sports brethren as world champs – it will be the B’s in seven,” predicts Ms. Schneider. 

“It’s our year, no doubt about it,” responded Norman Stowe, Managing Partner of the Pace Group. “The level of support in Vancouver has never been greater, we have the best fan base anywhere in the league, and with the Canucks winning the President’s Cup, we know this year’s Stanley Cup victory parade will be in downtown Vancouver.” 

With each firm so confident that their team will win, each has agreed that the losing firm must write a “glowing” press release about the winning city, the winning team and the winning firm.  The release must also be approved by the winning firm, before finally being distributed by both firms to their major media contacts in Vancouver and Boston on the day of the winning team’s victory parade. 

“We’re happy to take the bet, and Joan’s firm should start drafting the release today,” said Mr. Stowe. 

“Bring it on,” said Ms. Schneider.


Media contacts:

Philip Pennellatore, Schneider Associates, Boston


Norman Stowe, Pace Group Communications, Vancouver


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