What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is at the intersection of paid, earned and owned media. It blends digital, new media, direct, social business intelligence and social media marketing with tried and true legacy public relations, marketing and advertising programs to influence customers, consumers, stakeholders—and the media. The resulting targeted, integrated marketing mix creates maximum impact in solving business and communications challenges.

Social media marketing has democratized influence, and taken its rightful place as the cornerstone of any successful customer intelligence program, digital, direct or integrated marketing campaign.

The intersection of earned, owned and paid media is where consumers are making important decisions about brands, services, programs, companies and projects. It’s not just Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Oz and Kim Kardashian who have influence. Consumers influence their friends and co-workers when they listen to a song recommended on Facebook, visit a restaurant reviewed on Yelp, tweet about a product or service, share a video on YouTube, “pin” content on Pinterest or read an article posted on LinkedIn.  Recommendations and brand interactions like these represent a new generation of customer influence, and it’s clear that marketers have taken the cue and are partnering with their customers to shape messages, create new products, services and promotional ideas, and share information.

Digital PR at Schneider Associates

At Schneider Associates, we began incorporating digital PR and social media marketing services into our traditional public relations efforts in 2004. As companies engaging in digital influence and social media continue to rethink and refine how they listen to and collaborate with their customers, social media marketing is an important component of every campaign we develop.

The InGROUP’s process begins with ensuring that all our colleagues are both digital PR and social media marketing strategists. Then we analyze your business challenges, conduct consumer research, distill our findings into actionable and measurable goals, find the right audiences and platforms, create digital content, identify the best ways to share the content, engage influencers and use analytics to fine-tune campaigns and report quantifiable results.

We apply the latest tools to create custom programs – whether it’s using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn, conceptualizing apps for specific offers, delving into the subconscious beliefs of consumers through cutting-edge behavioral insights research, creating promotions and contests, developing games and surveys or pulling through the digital experience into offline experiential programs.

The InGROUP generates engagement, affinity and participation with customers through creative, brand-centric digital and social programs. We create this digital and social brand interaction by constantly scanning the horizon for new ways to influence behavior, including digital content creation, crowd-sourcing, social analytics benchmarking, blogger engagement, professional community cultivation, location-based social programs, digital couponing and augmented reality. We also provide meaningful monitoring, reporting and analytics to help improve, maximize and report on program effectiveness.

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