Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

Worldcom Public Relations Group Leads All Global Public Relations Networks According to O’Dwyer’s Magazine

The June edition of O’Dwyer’s Magazine featured an article reflecting on the indisputable significance of maintaining worldwide public relations networks like the Worldcom Public Relations Group, the world’s largest global network, and also the partnership in which Boston-based Schneider Associates is a member. Traditionally, these networks aid PR firms by expanding their global reach and expertise, and for Schneider Associates the Worldcom relationship provides us with local insights in global markets, as well as access to full service firms that have “feet on the street” internationally to execute programs. Worldcom agencies work together to share strategies, best practices, talent and cutting edge resources across geographic bounds.

Worldcom is seeing steady growth in revenue due to increased client programs, one of the reasons it was named the top global partnership in O’Dwyer’s. Founded in 1988, Worldcom claims a total workforce of 1,900 professionals in 125 offices, across 46 countries and six continents. Schneider Associates is proud to be a part of Worldcom and to partner with agencies across the globe to handle national and international assignments.

Check out the article online at OdwyerPR.com in the coming weeks.

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