Monday, August 13th, 2012

Trends in Financial Services PR and the Impact of Election Coverage

O’Dwyer’s magazine recently featured Schneider Associates’ Adam Bickelman, director of the corporate and nonprofit group, in an editorial discussing general trends in financial PR and the recent barrage of negative industry news coverage. The coverage has taken a particularly critical turn in light of the focus on employment, the economy and the upcoming election. “The media narrative has skewed toward being skeptical of the financial services industry,” said Bickelman. “So there are companies that are uniquely positioning themselves to capitalize on that ongoing media narrative… A perfect example would be community banks. For them, it’s not fighting a negative perception insomuch as promoting their value and ultimately showing how they’ve done things differently.”

In discussing the dos and don’ts of engaging the media, Bickelman commented, “I don’t want to message my clients away from who they are, so I always tell them: be yourself. They’re the experts, and that’s the reason why the media wants to speak with them. But when it comes to especially partisan information, I tell my clients to say what they want, but remember there’s a big portion of their customer base that may be on the opposite side of the aisle.”

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