Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

To Host or Not to Host: Does Your Launch Campaign Require a Special Event?

Trying to decide whether you should hold an event for your new product launch? Unsure what kind of event to hold? Peter Vanden Bos, writer of “how-to” business articles for Inc.com, covers all the key issues around product launch events in his recent article. So what if your product isn’t the next iPhone – you can still have a stand-out launch event, according to Vanden Bos.

In the article, Vanden Bos interviews two Schneider Associates clients who had high profile product launches in 2009 of very different kinds. David Dickinson, CEO of Zeo, discusses the editor event at the Standard Hotel in New York City; and Jackie Hague, VP of marketing at New England Confectionery Company talks about the social media launch of the all-new Sweethearts. Another primary source of information for the article was Joan Schneider, president of Schneider Associates and author of the newly released The NEW Launch Plan: 152 Tips, Tactics and Trends from the Most Memorable New Products. Throughout the article, Vanden Bos references tips, insights, and guidelines offered by Dave, Jackie, and Joan about when to hold an event, what kind of event to hold, and how the nature of product launch events has changed. Read the full story here.

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