Thursday, December 5th, 2013

SA’s Digital Download – December 5, 2013


Thursday, December 5

At Schneider Associates, we monitor the latest news and trends in the digital realm and present these insights in SA’s Weekly Digital Download

The holiday season is upon us, and marketers have to fight harder than ever for impressions. How do you get your brand to stand out from the crowd? In this edition, we look at the many ways you can make your presence felt during the holidays.

Email promotions are often lost in the shuffle due to the sheer number of holiday coupons consumers receive. Follow these tips from Cyber Monday Marketers to help your promotion stand out: http://bit.ly/1clgoS1

More than half of holiday sales this year are expected to occur online. Consider these methods to attract customers: http://bit.ly/1dQ28Ee

Stay relevant during the holidays by maintaining SEO standards: http://bit.ly/IEAb3A

A how-to on Holiday-ifying your social media pages: http://bit.ly/1bIlysS


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