Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Google’s Art, Copy & Code Show’s How Storytelling Drives Earned Media

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Google’s prowess is well-defined and their earned and paid platforms are as effective as you can get. The one thing that Google has yet to “get right” has been social. A few weeks ago, the search giant launched a program called Art, Copy & Paste, “a series of projects and experiments to show how creativity and technology can work hand in hand,” according to their blog post on the subject.

This translates into paid media opportunity with a heavy dash of creativity and storytelling. It’s very smart, innovative and something to keep an eye on.

Google’s first partner for this project is a new social driving experience called Volkswagen Smileage.

From Google’s post:

Building off their 2012 campaign, “It’s not the miles, it’s how you live them,” Volkswagen Smileage is a mobile app and web service that aims to add a bit of fun to every drive, from your daily commutes to holiday road trips. The app measures the fun factor of each trip using a metric called “smileage,” based on signals like weather, traffic, place, time and social interactions (e.g., a long drive on a sunny Saturday afternoon might accumulate more smileage than a morning commute in the snow). You can use it with any car, not just Volkswagens.

Google said they are also working with Burberry and adidas in this pilot program. This program leverages the Google+ sign-in functionality, which is a way for users to authenticate and login to a service using their Google+ account (and as a result, providing key demographic insight to the developer).

In the Volkswagen Smileage example, the brand will learn a slew of insights from drivers and their passengers as they test out the mobile app.

The inspiration for the service came from a recent study showing that every day, 144 million Americans on average spend 52 minutes in a car—76 percent of them alone. We wanted to make that time a more shareable experience.

The project combines social collaboration, paid media and big data. It will create storytelling opportunities for the brand, but put the end-user in the driver’s seat (pun intended). It’s also a clear sign that mobile advertising is the new frontier and storytelling could lead the charge.

Post by Don Martelli, Director of Digital Integration and Social Business at Schneider Associates.

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