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Marketing experts discuss new focus on the customer as a channel for new product launches at FutureM

Boston, MA – October 23, 2012 – Julie Hall, EVP and partner at Schneider Associates, the global leader in Launch Marketing, and other prominent Boston-area marketing and communications leaders participated in a panel discussing the important role of “Social Launch” at FutureM during Boston’s Innovation Week on Wednesday, October 23 at Hynes Convention Center.

With more than 40,000 new product launches every year, it is increasingly difficult to introduce a product in the new global, 24/7 marketplace. Understanding the customer has always been key, but involving the customer deeply in your launch hasn’t been possible until now. Marketing in the new millennium uses the customer as a channel and mandates “Participation” as the fifth “P,” connecting Product, Placement, Promotion and Price. Leading global brands are already encouraging customer collaboration in their marketing, but forward-thinking companies will soon need to harness their social media communities as an additional channel during the launch phase.

The “Social Launch” session at FutureM, which focused on harnessing the power of social communities when introducing a product, was moderated by Hall, who has held strategy and account leadership positions at Arnold Worldwide, Cone, and Manning Selvage and Lee prior to joining Schneider Asssociates.  During Boston Innovation Week, she collaborated with Boston’s top marketing experts to guide the conversation and debate various topics.  Panelists included:

  • Aaron Reid- Founder and Chief Behavioral Scientist, Sentient Decision Science- With a Ph.D. in experimental psychology and a published research record in consumer decision-making, Aaron Reid has developed advanced methods of assessing the subconscious drivers of consumer behavior at industry and academic conferences.
  • Stephen Springfield- Senior Director, Marketing Strategy & Analytics, PepsiCo/Frito-Lay- With 20+ years of experience and a career spanning Music Retailing, Foodservice & CPG roles at both Coca-Cola & PepsiCo, Stephen Springfield has worked as a strategist andconsultant for some of the world’s largest brands.
  • Rich Armstrong- Co-founder, my-take, LLC- Rich Armstrong is an executive with a track record of success in a variety of roles with experience in Marketing, Product Management, Sales and Business Development.
  • Todd Hoskins- Co-founder, my-take, LLC- A seasoned marketing executive, Todd Hoskins has led brand revitalization efforts, developed and launched successful new products, launched an Effie award winning advertising campaign and introduced grass roots mobile marketing programs.

For more than a decade, Schneider Associates and Sentient Decision Science have been conducting the Most Memorable New Product Launch Survey, which forecasts trends in marketing, from word of mouth to social media. In 2011, more consumers cited social media, like Facebook, Twitter, blogs and forums, as the way they found out about new product launches, collectively rivaling television advertising for the first time in the survey’s ten year history. To harness the power of social media, using the customer as a channel and partnering with them in a meaningful way is not only possible, it has become mandatory.

Schneider Associates is using Most Memorable New Product Launch findings and putting Social Launch into practice at its office in Boston’s Financial District. The agency views Launch as applicable to a wide array of clients and industries – whether they are launching a new product, service, company, technology, organization or community – and applies the lessons learned from marketing new products to all practice areas.

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