5 Reasons to Use Text Messaging for Lead Conversion

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If you are having trouble reaching applicants via phone, email and snail mail, you’re not alone.

At Schneider Associates, we’ve found that “bolting on” a simple text messaging platform to an existing enrollment campaign–can transform the candidate pipeline and substantially improve your admissions process and yield. Here’s why:

Millennials prefer texting

If you work, live or associate with millennials, chances are they are not talking to you via phone. This generation uses texting as its primary and preferred method of communication. So if you want an answer from a millennial or iGen, text them any hour of the day or night. Yet when we look at enrollment campaigns, many are not using texting as a primary way to communicate with students and their parents.

It’s cross-generational

Partly because of point #1, all of us are texting. And while parents or grandparents may have trouble finding the app store on their smart phones –they know how to text. Texting is now a ubiquitous communications channel that cuts across generations; so why not use it in admissions?

It reinvigorates “cold” leads

Believe it or not, those cold leads on your list may not be cold. They may just be people who do not want to talk on the phone or via email. Our text message nurturing programs have an amazing way of activating people who we thought were cold but by texting; they’ve warmed up to creating a real-time dialogue. We’ve sent hundreds of text messages and not one person has expressed concern about being contacted via text message. In fact, they’ve thanked us for reaching out.

It creates more efficiency in the admissions process

Imagine how much time your admissions staff would have if they were not calling and emailing people who do not respond. Counsellors can spend their time texting with students to answer specific application and financial aid questions. It will also help vet candidates based on intent, interest and qualifications. Now imagine the amount of time that can be devoted to nurturing viable candidates directly via text.

It provides more accurate yield metrics

The ultimate insight that comes from implementing a text messaging platform is clearer projections on yield. We’ve heard horror stories of organizations that believed they would exceed their target enrollment numbers based on an increased number of leads and inquiries, only to learn that many of the applicants they thought were matriculating had melted away. When enrollment revenue is a critical component of a school’s operating budget, this kind of shortfall can be catastrophic. Adding a texting platform can provide a direct link to potential students so that admissions has a real sense of how serious each student is in attending through direct contact via text.

We hope we convinced you to talk with us about the value of adding a text messaging effort to your enrollment campaign. Email launch@schneiderpr.com to talk about how we can help you text with prospects .